The origin of the westward Journey: twenty years of a flick, understand the fate, but has been middle-aged

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Listen to snow say “look at that man, he looks like a dog!””A Chinese Odyssey” this film starring Zhou Xingchi, I do not know how many times, but every time to see him and Purple Xia standing on the wall of that scene, the heart will still surge bursts of bitterness.It is really not bear, looking at that gradually go away with lonely with helpless figure, gray sunset with the empty silence of the end of the day, that figure finally disappeared in the end of the road, unwilling, unwilling, origin edge out, will eventually have no alternative.”A Chinese Odyssey” is one of Stephen Chow’s classic films. It was released in Hong Kong and the Mainland in 1995, but it was not until 1997 that it began to spread among mainland universities and the Internet and became an instant hit.I don’t remember when I first saw this film, I only remember the surprise when I saw this film for the first time. At that time, I was just like a transparent white paper, so I only saw the strange and interesting words inside.Later, I watched it again and again, each time I had a different perception. After watching it for the last time, I actually saw the middle-aged man’s abjection and helplessness, just like the sentence at the end of the film “He looks like a dog!”There is no explanation, only empathy.”A Chinese Odyssey” is a classic work that cannot be copied, and it is also Stephen Chow’s most representative work. In the film, there are wild northwest wilderness, mottled old castles, and wild and unruly strange pictures. It is a fantastic and magnificent westward journey world that he shows us.Started in the late 1990s, A Chinese Odyssey quickly became a cultural totem and has never lost its pioneering position.In the drama, the feelings of Supreme Treasure and Zixia fairy, only in memory or reincarnation taste again, perhaps he should forget, perhaps he should remember, but he can only forget the self to see the feelings that can no longer be.It contains too many helpless and helpless, contains too many want to achieve but had to give up love, zi xia said: “my Mr Right is a heroes, I know that one day he will appear in the case of a highly anticipated, wearing Jin Jiasheng garments, foot seven color clouds to marry me, but, I guessed the beginning, not guess the ending.”Do you need a reason to love someone?Although I do not know but still trust, Zixia gave us a moth-like love, and the Supreme treasure?Before putting on the golden hoop, he sighed, “I once had a sincere love in front of me, but I did not know how to cherish it. When I lost it, I regretted too much. The most painful thing in this world is nothing like this.If God can give me a chance to do it again, I will tell that girl I love you. If there is a time limit for this love, I hope it is ten thousand years!”Regret irreparable regret, deeply buried in the middle of two people who love each other, love you but can not save you, put down you but can save you, where to go, how sad.This is the first time I feel love, from now on know that love not only has a sweet more pain, it has a deep feeling and have to separate!Another day inverse life, purple xia pretty woman with sovereign treasure more than 20 years later, a with to tertiary color of “the origin of a Chinese Odyssey”, and been moved to the big screen, uncle is old, his face is still flashing his trademark smile, can be no mercy, it with a knife ax pen will wayward middle-aged man, into a doddering old man.Or zixia fairy and supreme treasure, or through the time and space of the moonlight treasure box, the same theme will have a new artistic conception and expression techniques?With a doubt walked into 20 years after this “a Big Chinese Odyssey”, fairy or that kind of beauty, her blue unlined upper garment is wearing the appearance of a delicate Chen, but the supreme treasure is less a few jokes, and much a deep feeling.At the beginning, the supreme treasure of five hundred years ago is actually a noodle seller. He lives with his father, who is portrayed by Uncle Da, but he is trapped in reality and dreams by an intermittent dream.In the dream, he is that riding the colorful clouds to marry the fairy great saint, but in reality, he is still that ordinary ordinary boy ramen.A marriage of red hydrangea, attracted the supreme treasure also fell zixia fairy, a stunning look back, she recognized her qitianda saint at a glance, her light people.The ball was falling down in the sky, and she saw that it was about to fall into the arms of the lamplighter. Zixiati swung her sword, and the rust ball was cut in two. She lifted her hand again and pulled away the lamplighter who was still in the circle.When they reached a quiet place, Zixia said to the ramen boy, “You are the great saint of Heaven, and you are my lamplighter.”The dream suddenly became reality. The ramen boy was still in the circle and Zixia had put the sword in front of him.Seeing the dream come true, ramen boy was overjoyed. He picked up Zixia’s sword, but to both of them’s surprise, he couldn’t pull out the sword.He was worried, and he tried harder, but the sword did not move. In the end, he had to pull as hard as he could, but he could not pull it out.And at this time zixia is also anxious, she no longer care about their fairy identity, also joined the ramen boy sword team, but no matter how two people pull, the sword is not pulled out.Disappointed, She said to the ramen boy, “You are not my lampligher.” With that, she turned and left, because her time was limited and her life had entered the countdown.She will not stop looking for the lamplighter in her life, as a lamp wick in front of the Buddha, she will soon be burned out, and when the lamp wick is burned out, her life will come to an end.But this foolish boy was not her lamplighter. Her lamplighter was the one who could pull out her sword easily and was her only hope of survival.She and he had been destined for life, this is the fate of life, pull noodles boy looked at purple Xia disappointed eyes, he is not bear, because this time, the dream and reality is so close, and he wants to seize this rare opportunity.So, he said goodbye to my dear father, set foot on the road to find people with Purple Xia, the results, the road encounter monster, they very not easy to cut in addition to the monster, but was betrayed by the master of the Heavenly Machine cabinet.Originally, When Zixia went to heaven to find a glimmer of life, accidentally let the cabinet Lord saw himself was banished to the next one, the cabinet Lord is not reconciled, he wants to be the sun Wukong that has matchless power.Then, he used purple xia to find the supreme treasure, also found the water curtain cave after five hundred years, where, the cabinet Lord saw the seven colored stones that symbolize ability, he was greedy to exert all the divine power in his body.He thought that he had seven colored stone has the ability of Sun Wukong, but Guanyin’s one “Sun Wukong is just a name, who can be Sun Wukong”, broke all his illusions.And right now supreme honour treasure for the purple xia in his heart, when knowing clearly that he is not the Sun Wukong after 500 years, he changed his life forcibly however.He does not hesitate to pass through time and space, not hesitate to wear the gown in the body, even with that has had the seven color stone ability of the cabinet Lord, spell a ashes, he also does not hesitate again.To save Purple Xia, he finally wear the hoop spell without hesitation, this time the supreme treasure made up for the regret of 20 years ago, he saved the Purple Xia, but he has fallen in front of the purple Xia.Purple Xia looked at this for oneself and had gone all out the supreme honour treasure, her tears fall like rain, god gave her and sun Wukong’s edge, but this supreme honour treasure changed the fate that god gives however.He said “my life is not determined by the day, determined by me”, he carried the 15 thousand jin of golden cuddle, and the cabinet Lord together a jade burn, Zixia looked at the mortal body of the supreme treasure for her death, she is not willing to accept such an outcome.And she in order to save the life of sovereign treasure, she returned to her and sovereign treasure the place where they met for the first time, this time, she did not wield the sword shot down, outside the member daughter throws hydrangea.She wanted him to be an ordinary but happy person in this lifetime. This time, she did not recognize him. They passed by each other, because there is no fate, there is no fate.”I light a lamp, three fetters” is the essence of this “DA Hua Xi You Origin”, is also the connotation of 20 years ago “Da Hua Xi You”.Twenty years ago, we regret that Zixia and Supreme Treasure are not together, but today, we are in tears for the separation of Zixia and Supreme Treasure, some people say that the comedy itself actually has the inherent tragedy.To tell you the truth, I used to be really don’t understand, see comedy only know no heart and lung to giggle, but after middle age, after going through too many ups and downs in the world, finally understand what is laughing with tears.Also finally understand, some fate is really can not be met, life from floating, some people are doomed to have no chance with you in this world, but there are some people, they go round and round in you, suddenly look back, but found that has been in your side.Twenty years in a flash, people come and go some people, but also some people have gone, most of us will not cherish, can be lost to understand, lost can no longer get.Darius, the lamplighter who brought us so many laughs and classics, is gone no more, not just Darius, but many, many people we thought would never leave.People to middle age, see more slowly go far, no longer see people, now, their own figure also gradually elongated by years a lot, finally, in a glance can see to the end of the day, cherish the people around it, because, once they go far, really have to go far!