“Great China treasure hunt god beast power station” sushi originated in China!

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What is the most familiar Japanese food in China? Sushi is made by chefs who cut fresh seafood or meat into slices and put them on white glutinous rice balls, knead them and then smear them with bright green wasabi sauce and finally put them on antique porcelain plates.Sushi has been around in China since the Han Dynasty and we all know that fish can quickly turn from food to poison if not eaten in time but in ancient times there were no refrigerators to store food in.At that time the most brutal preservative – salt on the people to put the fish slices on the back cover a thick layer of salt in salted fish fillet will fermentation under salt package for a few months time to extend the shelf life of their own complete fermented fish fillet with a proprietary term called “Zha” (useful) m: some people love to eat Zha later think several months of fermentation time was too long so itselfMash up a new way of fermentation:When a kipper joined by rice so soaked in vinegar fermentation was reduced to a few days at the beginning of time people will throw in the rice to eat only fish later due to food shortages, some people will be mixed with rice to eat the fish they were amazed to find that the taste is very good this kind of food is one of the earliest sushi in the eighth century this way of making spread to Japan after continuous improvement has become nowSushi as we know it