Illegal and dangerous, beware of “convenience” into disaster!Hanzhong traffic police a brigade to strictly investigate the illegal manned tricycle

2022-07-28 0 By

February 7 is the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, hanzhong traffic police brigade four squadron set up a point in wuxiang to carry out rural traffic violations, focusing on agricultural tricycles, tractors illegally carrying passengers and other traffic violations investigated.Afternoon 16 when, in fact, east lake road, a car with a “hood” tricycle was stopped by police and a small trunk build a stool, an old monk and a little sitting, immediately to persuade the police to get off, for the illegal action of the driving and driving personnel criticism education, carried out at the scene of traffic safety knowledge publicity, to the punishment of driving people in accordance with the law.Tricycle illegal manned the road is not only difficult to guarantee the driver and passenger safety also bring great security hidden danger to road traffic security and stability of carelessly may even trigger a group die group of injury accidents in hanzhong city traffic police a brigade to remind the tricycle driver: don’t don’t cry because it is illegal to carry personnel a temporary paralysis caused irreparable damage