Information: Babytree Group 2021 performance exchange record

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On March 29, Babytree Group (1761.HK) announced the results of 2021: the revenue in the period increased to 281.8 million YUAN, up 32.8% year on year;Gross profit was 170.7 million yuan, up 77.0% year on year.Revenue mainly comes from advertising business and e-commerce business.Among them, the total revenue of Babytree B2B advertising business continued to grow, increasing 35.7% compared with the same period last year;The transformation of e-commerce business paid off, with revenue up 20.1% year on year.After the financial results were released, Gao Min, co-chairman of Babytree Group, Xu Chong, Executive Director and CFO of Babytree Group and other company executives attended the online performance communication meeting to explain the main points of the results announcement and respond to questions from investors and analysts.”2022 marks the 15th anniversary of the startup,” gao said. “We advocate starting together and starting again. Only by doing what is right and what is difficult can we gain more space for growth.We believe that the ultimate goal of every mother and baby family is the pursuit of happiness. Next, we will continue to pursue the ecological approach of three horizontal and three vertical, namely, the three horizontal — lean operation, ecological expansion, and core technology capacity construction, and overlay the three vertical — layout of flow products, consumer products, and service products.To meet the four needs of the new generation of maternal and infant users, namely, healthy birth and education, communication and friends, healthy growth and shopping, so that maternal and infant families around the world can share a beautiful journey of life.”Q: In the performance report, the company introduced C2M as an important business development direction in the next stage. Please introduce the specific plan in detail.A: C2M is the breakthrough in the growth of baby tree business.Therefore, we should firmly follow the PATH of C2M, take user insight as the center, and build an application platform for maternal and infant family user consumption.Specifically, there are three steps: one is joint naming, baby tree brand, channel, brand, maternal and child industry famous brands for joint sales, joint production;Second, customized development, integration of resources OEM self-supporting products;Third, self-developed products that integrate supply chain, production and product strength based on in-depth user insight into maternal and infant families to meet the lifestyle of maternal and infant families.From the perspective of product selection strategy, we adhere to the “six high” C2M products with high gross profit, high growth, high repurchase, high-tech, high appearance level and high safety.Baby products, maternal and child care, intelligent hardware, food nutrition, household products are the key categories of our self-operated and self-developed products;Joint licensing is to fully cooperate with brand owners, including excellent companies under Fosun, as well as external brand companies.In the middle of this year, we will launch two self-developed products for mother and baby — one is a patented product for “delicate mother”, which we call “Revival bottle”, and the other is our intelligent hardware based on THE prototype of IP mascot Mika.In addition, we will actively carry out brand agent operation business, build a complete link of brand commercial agent operation business.At present, we are actively promoting cooperation with overseas high-quality maternal and child brands. Many overseas high-quality brands are optimistic about the recovery of The Chinese consumer market. We can help these maternal and child brands to achieve good development in mainland China.Q: Fosun is the major shareholder of the company. What specific aspects of ecological empowerment can fosun provide support to the company?A: First, Fosun is A global brand. It can improve the ecosystem with the help of fosun’s global capabilities, which is A strong endorsement for the baby tree itself.Second, Fosun’s own “healthy, happy and prosperous” industrial layout coincides with babytree’s strategy of serving young maternal and infant families around the world. In terms of C-end user flow, rich member rights and interests, and APP product operation, Fosun gives full play to the advantages of globalization and multiple industries to babytree.Third, In terms of C2M product research and development, manufacturing and logistics supply chain, including opportunities for overseas projects, Fosun also provided a lot of substantive help to Babytree on the premise of compliance.We make full use of Fosun’s ecological resources, develop or introduce high-quality goods and services in cooperation with brother enterprises within the ecological environment, and promote mutual marketing within the ecological environment to achieve ecological win-win situation.Q: How do you view the impact of the policy and supporting measures on the development of the industry and the company?A: Supporting measures to encourage childbirth are becoming clearer and are gradually being implemented. Yesterday, A special personal income tax deduction policy was introduced for the care of children under three years old.It is believed that the three-child policy will achieve positive results in the long term, which also shows that the mother-and-child track is still a sunrise track.As a platform dedicated to serving maternal and infant families for 15 years, helping to build a nurturing friendly society is the greatest social value of Babytree.For baby Tree, we will also seize this opportunity to take advantage of the policy, the mother and baby market is booming, better and faster to improve ourselves, to provide higher standards of products and services for mother and baby families.Although the number of births is under pressure for us, we see that the per capita ARPU of mothers and infants and the size of the mother and infant market are on the upward trend.Last year, we achieved the expansion from the core pregnant group to the pan-maternal and infant family group by relying on the three layout of flow products, service products and consumer products.At the same time, we actively expanded the outfield traffic platform. In wechat ecology, we completed the largest and most active community ecological construction in the Internet maternal and infant industry, covering 1.14 million maternal and infant family groups in 54 major cities in all provinces of China.Q: The company just introduced the future development strategy of Babytree. How does the company guarantee the development strategy from the aspects of organizational mechanism and talent upgrading?A: The year 2022 is the 15th anniversary of Babytree. We propose “Starting together and starting again” to promote the growth of our business through the mechanism of entrepreneurship.Since last year, we have made great efforts to strengthen the new management team that matches the implementation of strategy and the increment of business. We have absorbed a large number of excellent management, professional and practical talents, who have both platform work experience and independent entrepreneurship experience, especially the product, technology and C2M team.At the same time, we have established a partnership mechanism and launched vigorous equity incentives when appropriate.Speed up the operation rhythm, promote outstanding talents exceptionally or even promote them beyond the level, dig out young high potential, activate the vitality of the organization, so as to encourage the increase, the whole organization atmosphere is constantly improving.Q: What are the company’s ESG achievements for 2021?A: As A listed company and an enterprise with love and temperature as its genes, we are also actively doing some things in ESG such as environmental responsibility and public welfare contribution.Last year, we published our first independent ESG report, which announced the comprehensive upgrading of corporate governance. Next month, we will publish our second annual ESG report in detail.In short, in 2021, we will make full use of the babytree online platform and the enterprise to actively promote the concept of low carbon environmental protection.Babytree public Welfare also continues to develop in a professional and systematic direction, and has been upgraded to form a “2+1+6” public welfare system.For example, after the designated assistance in Yongsheng County, Yunnan province, we successfully paired up with Dajing Village of Chayouhou Banner in Inner Mongolia, opening the way of pairing assistance for “Wan Qi Xing Wan Village”.Through public cultural and creative projects, we have helped revitalize rural areas with the focus on revitalizing industries and consumption.In addition, babytree has always been concerned about women’s rights and children’s rights.In the future, we will further give play to our advantages in the field of maternal and child care, feed back the society in the practice of public welfare undertakings, and enable the long-term stable and sustainable development of the industry.