Bear child before mysterious “missing” police check monitoring finally solved the case

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“Police comrade, my son disappeared, beg you to help look for.”At about 19:30 on January 25, a woman hurried into the Gang Li police station of weishi County Public Security Bureau in Kaifeng, Henan province, and called the police for help.”Comrade, don’t panic. If you have anything to tell us, we will certainly do our best to help you.”See the person emotional, on duty police Wang Novelty to appease their emotions, while carefully asked to understand the situation.Such as alarm women mood calm, police gradually understand the reason of the matter.The woman Ma department weishi county gang Li Xiang Hua Yang village, its 6-year-old son Yang left home at two o ‘clock in the afternoon did not return, the family searched the whole village has not found, but under the police station to the police for help.After understanding the specific situation, Wang Xinqi immediately organized the police to spend Yang village to find the missing Yang.After arriving at Huayang Village, Wang Xinqi immediately arranged the police soldiers into two ways, one way to launch the whole village for carpet search, the other way with the village cadres to carry out video surveillance in the village.From Yang mou left home to now has been 5 hours, according to the truth that the 6-year-old child can not run too far, and close to the end of the year, the village personnel, visit the investigation team will certainly find.Soon a clue gradually collected, there are many villagers said that the afternoon saw Yang mou and the village of another child playing in the street, but to 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon and Yang mou playing with the children went home, Yang mou disappeared, no villagers have seen Yang mou after, visit the investigation group at a stalemate.Responsible for the video investigation group wang Novelty first of the main road out of the village video investigation, did not find traces of Yang out, since Yang did not go out of the village, then he must still be in the village.Wang Xinqi according to visit the investigation team to collect clues, focusing on Yang missing time to view, found in the afternoon more than 4 o ‘clock Yang disappeared in the vicinity of grandpa, grandma, and then did not appear.Judging from the video, Wang Xinqi thinks Yang is very likely to go to the grandparents’ house, but the grandparents said they did not see Yang, and their families have searched Yang’s grandparents’ house, also found nothing.Yang’s family did not search carefully and neglected something.Intuition told Wang Xinqi Yang absolutely at his grandfather, grandmother’s house.Subsequently, Wang Xinqi led the police to Yang’s grandfather, grandmother home for two searches.Sure enough, through two searches, Wang Xinqi finally found “mystery” behind the sofa in the home of Yang mou’s grandpa, grandma, right now a little boy is squatting sitting behind the sofa sleep is sweet.The sofa just blocked the line of sight, if not carefully looking for it is difficult to find, no wonder Yang’s family did not find it.The child is missing Yang mou, originally, that afternoon, Yang mou wet clothes while playing in the street, afraid to go back to be beaten, so secretly hidden in the grandparents home.The child found safe, Ma moved, repeatedly thanked the police.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Dong Zhenjie correspondent Gu Jianbing