Brief analysis of Volkswagen ID.6-7 seat pure electric SUV technology

2022-07-29 0 By

Following the launch of the Volkswagen ID.4 with a terminal price of no more than 250,000 yuan after subsidies, the seven-seat Vw ID.6, a mid-size pure electric SUV, has attracted wide attention in the auto industry.Based on this model, why don’t we take a look at the global automobile hegemony Volkswagen, in the era of electric vehicles platform integration MEB, the actual strength?This may provide a glimpse into whether Volkswagen can still lead the development of the electric car era, and push the automobile era to the electric era faster.Id.6, as the first 7-seat pure electric SUV introduced by Volkswagen in China, is larger in size than the ID.4 models already on the market.Body length, width and height are 4876,1848,1680 mm, wheelbase is 2965mm long wheelbase.Thus for the car three rows of seats put aside enough space to ride.The Volkswagen ID.6 is powered by an 84.83kwh super-capacity battery with a pure battery life of 588 km.With an electronic four-wheel drive system consisting of front and rear motors, the Volkswagen ID.6 will be well positioned to tap into the distinctive market of all-electric seven-seater SUVs if the price tag announced later is reasonable.Volkswagen ID.6, based on E3 architecture, supports three-screen interaction, realizing the overall interaction of 5.3-inch digital instrument, 12-inch central control screen, AR-HUD and ID. Light interactive Light belt, bringing users more sense of science and technology and ceremony.Driven by innovative technologies, the E3 architecture integrates independent driving assistance functions to achieve full speed range and full journey coverage within 0-160km/h, as well as support systems such as 360° panoramic visual parking, enabling users to achieve more intelligent driving and free up free space.Volkswagen ID.6 Front cabin pure electric assembly to the era of electrification, Volkswagen as a global giant manufacturer can bring similar to the fuel car era MQB platform as sharp tools, that will play a significant role in promoting the rapid popularity of electric vehicles.Volkswagen, at the cusp of times change, has proposed a corresponding long-term plan, which is MEB platform, a dedicated platform for pure electric vehicles.Relying on the MEB platform, Volkswagen will release more than 30 new energy models in the future, 50% of which will be locally produced in China, and achieve the goal of selling 26 million electric vehicles by 2029.For the industry, only such platform adaptation to different models can help the rapid popularization of electric vehicles.For users, they can not only quickly experience different types of electric vehicles, but also enjoy the benefits of high quality, low maintenance cost, systematization and perfect service brought by dachang platform.Write the public platforms MQB compared with exclusive electric car platform MEB mass exclusive electric car electric car is the full name of platform MEB flexible modular system platform, can according to different models, 330 km to 600 km range of pure electric range, different compatibility from seven different capacity of the battery module to 12 module compatible design.It is specially optimized for the unique drive shaft, drive unit, wheelbase, weight ratio and battery layout requirements of electric vehicles.In particular, the battery system can be flexibly designed for different models based on the MEB platform.It increases interior space, ensures optimal battery design and placement, and improves range and fast charging capacity.The advantages of the MEB exclusive ELECTRIC vehicle platform include: Power battery: high energy density, flexible adaptation, support for fast charging power motor: highly integrated, strong power, low energy consumption Body design:Electric vehicles not only put forward specific requirements for the model platform, but also urgently need to change in the electrical and electronic architecture.In other words, the electric car of the future is becoming a sophisticated Internet device.Volkswagen has specially developed the industry-leading End to End Electronic Architecture, a new end-to-end Electronic architecture known as E3 architecture, for its MEB platform based ID series.It balances the need for a powerful software architecture with the need for software upgrades over the air.The architecture integrates more than 70 controllers originally distributed throughout the body into a computing layer and sensor/actuator layer composed of 3-5 powerful in-car application server ICAS.Relying on the new E3 electronic and electrical architecture, Volkswagen broke through the constraints of traditional hardware, went beyond the dome-based limitations of domain controller architecture, and rapidly developed towards the direction of future in-car computers.The computing layer of E3 architecture, with its powerful computing power, is equivalent to the brain of a car. It forms a communication backbone network through gigabit High-speed Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet. It can coordinate dashboards, displays, heads-up displays and lighting systems on demand across functional domains.It also enables the advanced auxiliary driving function to make the intelligent linkage of radar, camera, motor power controller, electronic brake power, electronic stability system and high-precision map and other high-real-time and high-security multidimensional systems.CAMS New Energy charging network In terms of charging services, Volkswagen has established CAMS New Energy jointly with FAW, JAC and Xing Xing In China to support the perfect charging system network of high power charging and reservation system visualization.Fully popularize 100KW DC fast charging, with fast and stable charging technology to ensure that users can recharge without worry.CAMS is connected with Volkswagen Super APP to fully realize the real-time display of charging pile position, state and quantity, one-button booking of trough charging, and charging pile recommendation at destination.Let the user do the dot at ease in mind.Based on the MEB pure electric vehicle platform and E3’s new electrical architecture, the Volkswagen ID.6 model gives consumers a unique choice of pure electric SEVEN-seat SUV with more space, longer range, more intelligent cockpit and more convenient charging network.Interested friends, let’s look forward to this model in SAIC Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen domestic and market it.