Chenzhou, Huizhou property market reappearance “zero down payment” “down payment loan”!Multi-city lower down payment behind, experts: pay attention to the risk, can not “put on the fry”

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China Times ( reporter Zhang Huimin Li Weilai reported in Shenzhen, “If you do not have 10% of the down payment, you can do a down payment loan, that is, zero down payment.”Huizhou a real estate agent told reporters.Recently, “China Times” reporter learned that chenzhou, Huizhou have “zero down payment” “down payment loan” phenomenon.It is worth noting that down payment loans do not comply with relevant regulations.Some experts said that if the home buyer chooses to do down payment loan, have to be prepared, on the one hand may be borrowed, on the other hand may assume the corresponding liability for breach of contract, home buyers may also suffer capital losses.In addition, experts said, the down payment loan is actually buying a house plus leverage operation, from the buyers themselves, is an individual purchase behavior, but if this situation is widespread in the industry, it will become a new financial risk.”At present, some developers will send 1-2 percent of the down payment, and customers only need to pay 10 percent of the down payment. If 10 percent of the down payment is not available, you can do a down payment loan, that is, zero down payment.”A real estate agent in Huizhou told The China Times that “zero down payment” is available for all apartments in Huizhou, but buyers need to pay a down payment, which is usually 50,000 yuan, and the rest can be used as a “down payment loan.”The agency said that the recent down payment loan interest rate and mortgage loan interest rate range in Huizhou is 5.3%-5.6%, “depending on the qualification, if there is no problem with credit investigation and flow, the bank can approve the loan.”So if the flow is not up to standard, can we carry out the down payment loan?”It costs money.”Mediation representation.In addition, Chenzhou city of Hunan Province has also seen the phenomenon of “zero down payment”.Local real estate agents in Chenzhou told China Times that rongyu Mirayuanproject can buy a house with “zero down payment”, that is to say, the contract price of the house can be raised when signing the contract, and the down payment can be borrowed together according to the process of loan repayment.In addition, more than one real estate agent in Chenzhou told China Times that the down payment in Chenzhou can be “down payment by installments”, that is, buyers do not need to go to the bank to borrow money, but only need to pay the down payment within six months or a year.It is important to note that the ministry, the National Development and Reform Commission and other seven departments issued “on strengthening the real estate intermediary management promote the healthy development of the industry opinion” made it clear that may not provide or cooperation with other institutions provide a down payment of loans and other illegal financial products and services, and shall not charge financial institutions or in disguised forms such as commission fee.So, why does “zero down payment” come into being?Liang Nan, an analyst with Zhuge Housing Data Research Center, told The China Times that the “zero down payment” is mainly due to the overall downturn in the property market and low sales, which is a way for developers to reduce the down payment to promote sales.Midland realty He Qianru national research center director of the China times reporter, said some cities are lower down payment proportion, this and last year there is a close relationship between the market going down, because developers and Banks business appear larger shrinkage, now in order to keep the normal operating level, Banks and the development chamber of commerce to encourage customers to buy a house, a loan.In fact, the residential turnover of Huizhou and Chenzhou in 2021 does have a significant decline.Data from The Zhongyuan Research Center in Huizhou showed that 99,957 new homes were sold in The city in 2021, down 38 percent year-on-year.In addition, the new house demineralization cycle in Huizhou continued to rise from the beginning of 2021. At the end of 2021, the new house demineralization cycle in Huizhou was 29 months, while at the beginning of 2021, the new house demineralization cycle remained at about 10 months.In terms of prices, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that by December 2021, second-hand home prices in Huizhou had fallen for six consecutive months.In 2021, 17,112 houses were sold in Chenzhou, down 20 percent from 21,100 in 2020 and 15 percent from 20,214 in 2019, according to statistics from Chenzhou House.”The easing of the down payment policy will stimulate the recovery of housing transactions.”Yan Yuejin, research director of e-House Research Institute think tank Center, said that recently, the percentage of down payment or the amount of down payment has been significantly reduced across the country, all kinds of adjustments are generally the guidance of banks or housing enterprises to take the initiative to adjust, there are few public issued, there is no control or stop to see all kinds of practices.Yan Yuejin believes that the down payment loan is actually the operation of buying a house plus leverage, which has a very high risk. From the perspective of the buyers themselves, it is an individual behavior of buying a house, but if this situation is widespread in the industry, it will become a new financial risk.Liang Nan told The China Times that “zero down payment” is equivalent to the developer skipping the financial loan review process, directly to unqualified buyers to provide loans, which has a certain financial risk.For real estate companies, “zero down payment” may improve sales performance in the short term, but ultimately the risk will be transferred to the buyers, because “zero down payment” generally means that the buyers’ ability to pay is weak, large loans lead to increased repayment pressure, and later may be the problem of supply failure.For banks, the personal information of borrowers borrowed through some non-bank financial institutions may not be timely input into the central bank credit investigation system, which increases the difficulty of supervision for banks. In addition, banks may not be able to accurately judge the repayment ability of house buyers, and the loan default rate of banks may increase.He Qianru said, because the country is expressly not allowed to loan down payment, so there is a risk of borrowing down payment.If the buyer chooses to do the down payment loan, you have to be prepared, on the one hand, it may be borrowed, on the other hand, it may bear the corresponding liability for breach of contract, and may lead to the purchase contract, the buyer will suffer capital losses.”The current real estate market has some new situation, that is, a tight death, a release on speculation chaos.”Yan Yuejin said that to support reasonable housing consumption demand, a scientific and complete policy system and operation standards are needed. If disorderly and illegal relaxation, it will stimulate the active housing demand on the surface, but may virtually stimulate the disorderly expansion of the real estate leverage ratio, thus causing various risks.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: