Understand the CPC’s “people first” livelihood code from the centennial course

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The sixth plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee held by Song Jie comprehensively summed up the precious historical experience of “ten Insistence” in which the Party led the people in a great struggle from a grand historical perspective and profound historical wisdom.Among them, “Upholding the people first” profoundly reveals that the people are the creators of history, the foundation for building the Party, the foundation for governing the Country and the source of our strength.The fundamental reason why the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) has survived a century in full bloom and continued to thrive despite trials and tribulations is that it has always put the people first in its heart and always adhered to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly.Always bear in mind that the country is the people and the people are the country;We share a common destiny with the people.In its century-long course of revolution, construction and reform, the COMMUNIST Party of China has always put the people first and adhered to the people’s feelings, taking the people’s well-being as the starting point and goal of ensuring and improving people’s well-being, demonstrating the Party’s value of putting the people first.”Save the people in fire and water, rescue the people in hanging” — the CPC is born for the people.After the Opium War in 1840, the Chinese people were devastated by the destruction of their territory, people’s livelihood and civilization.In order to the national independence and rejuvenation, the liberation and prosperity of the people, one after another people ran and shouted, one after another national salvation movement and one after another.The salvos of the October Revolution brought Marxism to China.In 1921, the Communist Party of China was born in the process of combining Marxism-Leninism with the Chinese workers’ movement.As soon as the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) was born, it set the pursuit of happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation as its original mission. The Chinese character “the people” was engraved on its heart, and the people’s interests above all else was written on its banner.The communist Party of China should be “a party organized by the masses with the most revolutionary spirit among the proletariat to fight for the interests of the proletariat”.In the course of the New Democratic revolution, the CPC has deepened its understanding of people’s livelihood and enriched and developed the methods to improve it.At this stage, “land issue” was the main keynote of the CPC to solve the livelihood issues.During the Agrarian Revolution, the COMMUNIST Party of China advocated the policy of “land to the tiller”, adopted policies and measures of “attacking the tuhao and dividing the land”, and formulated the Jinggangshan Land Law and the Land Law of Rejuvenating the Country to provide legal guarantee.During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the Communist Party of China (CPC) laid the economic and popular foundation for the victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression through a series of economic policies on people’s livelihood, such as organizing labor mutual aid, reducing rent and interest rates, self-saving production and streamlining administration, and so on.During the War of Liberation, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China formulated the Outline of The Land Law of China, and clarified the land reform policy of “relying on the poor peasants, consolidating the land alliance with the middle peasants, and eliminating the feudal and semi-feudal exploitation system of the landlord class and the old-style rich peasants.” By June 1949, more than 100 million peasants in the liberated areas had acquired more than 300 million mu of land.From the perspective of the development process of the Communist Party of China, since its birth, it has established the original aspiration of seeking happiness for the Chinese people, which is the embodiment of the value principle of “people first”, and has constantly explored the realization of the value oriented socialist system of “people first”.”A towering tree must have its roots” — The Communist Party of China thrives on the people.The founding of New China put an end to the semi-colonial and semi-feudal society of old China and the disorganized situation. It marked the victory of the New-democratic revolution led by the Communist Party of China and declared that the Chinese people had now stood up and become the true masters of the country and society.The Communist Party of China has become a national ruling party, but it is facing the poverty of the country and the poverty of the people.In 1949, China’s total economic output accounted for less than 5 percent of the world’s total, and its people were suffering from hunger and cold. An 80 percent illiteracy rate was a true reflection of the people’s livelihood at that time. Tens of millions of victims and millions of unemployed workers were in urgent need of relief.The new people’s regime will safeguard the livelihood of the people in the first place, since to relief and unemployed workers, at the same time of rapid economic construction development climax, mobilized to carry out the patriotic health campaign, quickly set up including labor insurance, medical treatment at public expenses, rural cooperative medical care, barefoot doctors, to people’s livelihood security system, and provide free education, housing, benefits,Make the toiling masses emancipated, life gradually improved.Comrade MAO Zedong established serving the people wholeheartedly as the purpose of the Party in the Seventh Party Constitution, and clearly stated that the eyes of the COMMUNIST Party of China should pay close attention to the improvement of the lives of workers and the general people, which is the basis for consolidating power.In the concrete practice of socialist modernization, the CPC has always fully respected the principal position of the people, consciously implemented the mass line, effectively protected the rights of the people in participating in socialist modernization, and tried to implement the socialist value pursuit of “people first”.”Governance is based on the rule of law and the interests of the people” — the CPC takes the people as its foundation.The third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee held in 1978 marked that the Party and the government had shifted the focus of national work to economic construction, laying a good foundation for the improvement of people’s livelihood.The Sixth Plenary Session of the eleventh Central Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China made a major political judgment on China’s problems, namely, “After socialist transformation is basically completed, the main problem China will solve is the one between the ever-growing material and cultural needs of the people and backward social production.”When the reform and opening-up policy was launched in 1978, China’s per capita GDP was only 381 yuan, and 200 million of the country’s nearly one billion people lived below the poverty line. This was the basic basis for defining the main contradiction at that time.By the end of the 1980s, under the strong leadership of the CPC, China had basically solved the problem of food and clothing for the people.After solve food and clothing problem, China is still faced with a large population, weak foundation for the national economic and social aspects development of national conditions, the per capita gross national product (GNP) is one of the world’s column, underdeveloped productivity, after large difference of regional development, the people by the education level is low, the people are eager to live a more comfortable life rich.Focusing on the practical problems of people’s livelihood, the COMMUNIST Party of China formulated the national economic development strategy, and elaborated how China gradually moved from “subsistence society” to “common prosperity society” and reached the level of moderately developed countries.Comrade Deng Xiaoping has stressed many times that the basic principles of socialism are, first, to develop the productive forces and, second, to achieve common prosperity.Comrade Jiang Zemin systematically discussed the position of improving people’s livelihood in the party’s work.He pointed out that constantly improving people’s living standards is the fundamental starting point and final destination of all our Party’s work.Comrade Hu Jintao systematically discussed the relationship between “putting people first” and improving people’s livelihood.The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the “building a well-off society in an all-round way”, emphasizing the improvement of people’s income, education, medical care and other social security system.The report of the 17th CPC National Congress further emphasized social construction with the focus on improving people’s livelihood.During this period, the COMMUNIST Party of China united and led the Chinese people in following their own path, creating, upholding, defending and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, constantly releasing and developing productive forces, and making a historic leap from inadequate food and clothing to a moderately prosperous life on the whole and towards a moderately prosperous life in all respects.”He who wins the hearts of the people wins the world, and he who loses the hearts of the people loses the world” — The COMMUNIST Party of China and the people prosper together.Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made “the people’s aspiration for a better life our goal” as the value orientation and fundamental criterion for the Party to do all its work well.In the macro policy thinking, social policy should support the bottom;In terms of the work related to people’s livelihood, we should keep the bottom line, focus on key areas, improve institutions and guide public opinion.In addressing the issue of income distribution and achieving common prosperity, we will promote social equity and justice and bring social development to a new stage with the people’s livelihood as the top priority.The fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee explicitly put forward the idea of people-centered development.Party’s 19 report in socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era put forward under the historical background, the present social principal contradiction is the good life is people’s increasing needs and not balance the contradiction between the inadequate development of major political, the people’s demand to the economic life on the basis of social life.The report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) expanded the connotation of the people’s livelihood into the “seven aspects of the people’s livelihood” by adding “providing for the young” and “providing support for the weak” on the basis of the original “five aspects of the people’s livelihood”.The decision adopted at the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee innovatively proposed the concept of livelihood security system, which expanded the institutional demand of national livelihood security from the original social security to livelihood security.The fifth plenary session of the party’s 19th through the “recommended”, “well-being” reached a new level of the people’s livelihood as a “difference” period, the main goal of the economic and social development, and more emphasis on “common prosperity”, this shows that in the new starting point to build a well-off society in an all-round way, promote the central committee of the people’s common prosperity on the more important position.Party’s sixth plenary of the 19 summary put forward and the experience of “insisting on people first”, fully demonstrated our party unswervingly adhere to the “service” for the people, unite and lead hundreds of millions of people work hard, in the struggle, created the miracle “in the development of the world” and the great achievements of the “when surprised the world”, and profound interpretation of the value of “people first” principle of the communist party of China.Qinghai Daily Client statement: the above contents, except for the source of the manuscript, are original manuscripts of Qinghai Daily, qinghai Daily media platform all rights reserved, reproduced without written permission is strictly prohibited, offenders will be prosecuted!