Zhang Yimou: I give the opening ceremony a hundred

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Zhang Yimou, director of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said at a press conference on February 5 that he gave the opening ceremony a 100 percent score. “As a creator, I have always been very strict and usually don’t give myself a high score, but this time,I want to give 100 percent to our team, our presentation of the opening ceremony.”I am sitting here today as a director, but behind me there are a lot of people who give quietly, and there are a lot of creativity and creation to make yesterday’s opening ceremony possible.The most striking feature of the ceremony, I think is innovation, there are a lot of creative point, although the size is not the biggest, performance is not the most, maybe a lot of people have different opinions, not necessarily everyone feel so good, but this kind of concept of innovation, creativity, showed us into the future, shows the warm human in tough times, together for the future of courage,That’s what really touched me.”Zhang said that compared with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, or compared with other past the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the ignition process is very creative, especially the athletes, “we leave most of the time for the athletes, we say that the simplicity is process, performance and other aspects, but leave the most time with the athletes, to let them show themselves,It embodies the Olympic spirit.”Main cauldron and ignition ceremony is very romantic and review of the 2022 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony last night, zhang yimou said very like one of the main cauldron and light the way, “which embodies the Chinese aesthetics, a single spark can start a prairie fire, also on behalf of all the competing countries to a small fire in the care and company, it is very romantic, took everyone by surprise.”It is understood that in the selection of torchbearers, the first to determine the selection of the fifties to 00 born athletes, continue to light the torch, in the determination of the torchbearers, will not immediately communicate with the torchbearers, until the end of January to invite the torchbearers to participate in the rehearsal, the feeling is very good.”Our Lord cauldron is that big snow, after the athletes themselves, the cauldron appearance, is the beautiful snow, the snow all over the world to build, I’ve always liked the cauldron, ignition with small fire, convey the concept of low carbon environmental protection, also is a kind of innovation, embodies the Chinese aesthetics – a single spark can start a prairie fire,It also represents the care and company of all participating countries for each small flame, which is very romantic and unexpected.”Zhang yimou said.Zhang Yimou said that the opening ceremony did not have professional artists and actors, stars, most of the ordinary students and citizens to perform, emphasizing unity and the people, “this is very different, I think the world’s large events, do not use professional artists and actors rarely happen, I am very happy to do this.Plus, I like the film, a lot of little Eva fell to climb up, very cute, all people see a knowing smile, also expressed our three hundred million people to participate in the concept of ice and snow sports, in China, there are more and more children, more and more people took to the ice and snow, just like human footsteps, fell to climb up, go to happy movement,To show their best side, this short film, although only one and a half minutes, but very touched, I watched many times many times, very warm and vivid.”When asked about the changes in the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 14 years ago, Zhang laughed. “The biggest difference is that more than 10 years have passed, and everyone has grown up.”He went on to say that in contrast, the opening ceremony in 2022 was warmer, more calm, more simple, more about the world we are together, more about the world’s perspective and eyes.”Especially in the main torch stand and lighting, I am very proud of myself, an artistic creation, in 2008 was recognized by everyone, the challenge of self is the most difficult.Competition is not the same as the main, not art performances, but rather the ideas and concepts, for me, this more than ten years, had the opportunity to participate the second time, thanks to our games organizing committee, thanks to the international Olympic committee (ioc), approved I such a bold, eccentric, not the same cauldron ignition mode, they fully support me to complete the creative,This is my growth and change. I not only pay attention to the 5,000 years of Chinese culture, but also look around the world to care for and accompany the Olympic fire, which is the earliest precious fire of mankind.He admitted that he was worried about the idea when it came up, fearing it would not be approved. “They [the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee] love me and support me wholeheartedly. That’s the most I can feel.”Zhang Yimou, chief director of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, has revealed several high-tech tirades at a press conference.The opening ceremony, he said, though a very small, but there are a lot of advanced facilities and equipment, the characteristics of performance is important to ensure the perfect fit, “this will give us the whole production, work team brings a lot of challenges, if through the television screen at the middle of the field area of 11600 square meters of hd LED display screen, actually is divided into four Windows in play,Then zero delay is used to form a picture, which tests the control of LED splicing behind, and the optimization of playback is very key, including the lifting of icecube, the five rings and a snowflake of the main torch, which condenses a lot of important technical content.”Zhang also mentioned the theme song, “every foot of innocent children, have a shiny flakes, which will run to follow, it is very clever and have a metamorphosis, the field real-time capture, acquisition and real-time playback, in such a big live shows large scale is very rare, is technically big challenges, and our business partners,Worked with the Youth team in China to overcome difficulties.We broadcast team also is very good and old friends, had very good cooperation in 2008, had a very good communication, they came to Beijing, very early we after several important rehearsals, each end to discuss seriously, I am also a movie director, we share a common words, such as what kind of Angle is better, how to balance the shiny props,”We all know how to deal with the relationship between LED screens and people, so the broadcast was very beautiful, very good, and showed a very good professional level.”Zhang Yimou, chief director of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said his team had already made preparations for the closing ceremony, including the venue.Source | yangcheng evening news, Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | liu yi