Leaders of Xi ‘an Housing and Construction Bureau visited cadres and workers on their first day of work after the Spring Festival

2022-07-30 0 By

On February 7, the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday, entrusted by Miao Baoming, secretary of the Party Group and director of Xi ‘an Housing and Construction Bureau, zhai Jinhai, Xie Wei, Zhang Xiaobo, Yang Genmin, Yan Ming and Gu Mei, the leaders of the bureau, visited the relevant offices and staff of housing and construction buildings and real estate trading buildings respectively, and sent their Spring Festival greetings.Thank you for your efforts and contributions to xi ‘an’s housing construction and epidemic prevention and control in 2021, and encourage you to be more confident, energetic, ambitious, overcome difficulties, and strive to push xi ‘an’s housing construction work to a new level in 2022.In bureau organization team office personnel in building a mansion, ZhaiJinHai, tse, zhang xb, Gu Mei line successively with various departments and units staff cordial greetings and conversations, and send you New Year’s blessing and see the various departments and units work orderly, staff good mental outlook, ZhaiJinHai said gratified, authorized by MiaoBaoMing director,On behalf of the bureau of the party group to bring New Year wishes, in the past year, the global work together, overcome difficult, up and down in the old village renovation, dead end highway through, overhead lines, the expressway construction, rural construction, housing construction, real estate market, for the city’s production safety work in high quality and economic development and the smooth convening of the ten SiYun contributed to build strength,Facing sudden outbreak, by the end of all smell makes the dynamic and active bear, retrograde to sink, active, if necessary, explained the live spirit of courage, in the New Year, everybody wants to adjust good mentality, quickly enter the work state, continue to work hard work style, peg 2022 work target tasks,We will take a new look, demonstrate new achievements and make new achievements to make a good start in fulfilling the year’s goals and tasks.Regulations coordination department Planning department key department urban construction department construction department village office early quality security office toll office market office property center quality security station office duty room in the real estate trading building, Yang Genmin, Yan Ming line of the relevant offices, units to sympathies, and to work in the first line of the window staff sent to the New Year’s blessing,He said thank you for your hard work and dedication to the cause of housing construction in the past year, real estate trading building is an important place for second-hand housing transactions in our city, the attitude of the window service staff more represents the image of a unit.In the New Year, everyone should continue to adhere to the people-oriented concept, further improve the level of window service, while doing a good job in the prevention of the epidemic, to create a good government service image of “efficient, convenient, standardized and clean”, and polish the window service card.Real estate trading hall real estate trading building Real estate trading building office, personnel office, responsible party committee of the organization to participate in the condolence activities.(Contributed by Xi ‘an Housing And Urban-rural Development Bureau)