TES is getting better!Revenge fails, Miller blows TES: Golden left hand awakens

2022-07-30 0 By

TES and JDG game I believe many viewers are watching, this game is very exciting, the two sides are playing three rounds, in the three rounds of the game both sides are back and forth, not until the last moment can not be determined.TES took their last chance to beat JDG in the crucial third game, although they also won the match.It was not easy to win the match, everyone played extremely hard.In fact, the most critical in the third game TES is at a disadvantage, but to the late their group fight more beautiful, natural field initiative grasp in their own hands.Knight’s game was impeccable, and he maximized the personal damage.It’s doubtful TES would have won without Knight.As far as 369 is concerned, he must have lost his revenge. In fact, 369’s performance in this match was ok, at least not too crotch.Losing the game is definitely not the reason for 369 alone, teammates also have certain problems.But to be honest, 369 does have a small problem, he still has a lot of room for improvement, some rookie mistakes can be avoided.After the game, even Miller watched the game could not help but blow, Miller said TES is really better.Knight also woke up a lot of people online, and many of them agreed with him.Knight’s performance in the game was perfect, and Shui’s was good, too.It can be seen that TES in this game all the members have a relatively big improvement, may be the previous lost too much, they also know their own problems, to solve these problems, their strength will certainly be improved.Winning JDG is not the goal of TES. Every game in the future is very important for TES, and TES may not be able to lose a game. Every small game should be fought for.Because TES are still down in the table, they need more wins now.So what do you want to say about this?Welcome to the discussion.