To the finals!The women’s team avenged the men’s double victory with a last-gasp extra-time tie against Japan

2022-07-30 0 By

China reached the final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup after a 2-2 extra-time draw with Japan, despite the absence of injured Wang Shuang.In the first half, the Japanese women’s team had a possession rate of 70 percent and had nine shots on goal, three of which were on target.In the absence of Wang Shuang, the Chinese women’s football team’s performance on the offensive end was poor and hardly caused problems for the Japanese team.Fortunately, it was tied with Japan in the last minute of extra time, and the penalty shootout 4:3 won the last few matches between the Chinese women’s football team and the Japanese women’s football team, which were all won by the Japanese women’s football team. The last time the Chinese women’s football team beat the Japanese women’s football team was in 2016.Although the strength of the Japanese team has declined in recent years, the overall strength is still above the Chinese women’s football team.The gap between Men’s and women’s football teams between China and Japan is getting bigger and bigger. Recall that 30 years ago, The Chinese women’s football team still “won a few” against the Japanese team.Now, 30 years later, we may want to console ourselves that this time, “not much”.The Chinese women’s football team lost to The Japanese women’s football team, and the Chinese men’s football team lost to Vietnam are “lost the game should not lose”.The Chinese women’s football team reached the final of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and the final of the 1999 World Cup in the United States. Although they failed to win the gold medal twice, the fans saw only hope at that time.Although this time lucky to enter the final, we should also see the gap.Around the Lunar New Year, the Men’s football teams of China, Japan and Vietnam played four times in two rounds. The men’s football team lost 2-0 to Japan and 3-1 to Vietnam.The women won 3-1 against Vietnam and lost 2-1 to Japan, making it 2-2 in four games, with the women winning all of them and the men losing all of them.In particular, in the match between China women’s football team and Vietnam women’s football team, China women’s football team wasted a lot of chances, four goals were disallowed, one goal was “stolen” by Vietnam team at the beginning of the game, and Vietnam team was awarded a penalty at the end of the game (missed the penalty).Maybe in a few more years, the Vietnamese women’s soccer team will not be easy to deal with.While celebrating the victory, we also rationally look at the gap in strength. The gap between me and Japanese football has been visible to the naked eye, and this gap will be widened in the future.The gap with Vietnam is narrowing and Vietnam may even have overtaken us.To get out of this awkward situation, the Chinese Football Association needs to do something meaningful.