AG wants to advance to group S?With group A as it is, we’re lucky AG isn’t demoted to Group B

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Momo game brings you exciting and intense KPL Spring Competition information!KPL 2022 Spring Competition has officially started, and before the competition began, many netizens said that the competition will be very fierce!Group S is the safest way to advance to the playoffs!Therefore, for teams in Group S, all they have to do is stay in Group S;For groups A and B, the hope is to move up A notch at the end of the regular season.Before the game, a lot of netizens said that AG super play will be in the regular season after the end of the first round, should be able to advance to group S!To qualify for Group S, A team in Group A must finish in the top two after the first round of the regular season.If at the end of the second round to get the top two of the regular season, still need to play card, can advance to group S, or unknown!Therefore, the first round of the regular season for group A teams, is the most favorable!But after watching the first two games in Group A, netizens are already worried about AG super games!Because group A teams give people the feeling of good strong!Group A the second game, in Xi ‘an WE and RW man between the two teams!This game, the two sides played full five rounds before the final points out the outcome, and finally WE lost two games, three games in a row, completed the spring since the start of the game, the first time to let two chase three big reversal!Both WE and RW have made major personnel changes in the spring market.Who can finally win this game, will depend on this period of time between the players proficiency!In the first round, RW man gets a blood.In the middle, RW warrior tower number advantage, WE team battle played one for two;Late fierce group battle, 556 cattle magic hit three people, hua Yun Li Yuanfang killed three, the two sides three for three;Big late RW man get storm dragon king, WE hit two for three, Yu Ji three consecutive decisive victory;The last wave of flower cloud Li Yuanfang flexible output, RW man led the line straight into the crystal, take the first point!After a 1-0 lead, RW was more active.Second bureau, early small song Mengtian get a blood, RW man four head advantage opening;Middle RW man using big Joe system flexible line continuous demolition tower;Last wave night mirror three in a row, RW remove the crystal, one more point!After seeing RW man lead 2-0, I believe many netizens will think that this game is estimated to be a zero shutout game!But WE didn’t give RW a chance!Third bureau, thousand of the world do not know fire dance to get a blood, flower cloud Di Renjie flash single kill opposite gongsun from;Later thousands of people do not know the fire dance chain control, North Port Shen Mengxi came to collect the residual blood, WE hit a wave of three for four;In the last wave, WE get the Storm Dragon King and fight back. The super soldier enters the crystal and takes back the city!After pulling back, WE were so strong that in the following fourth and fifth sets, WE scored two more points and finally won the match with a total score of 3-2.This game, is also the 2022 KPL spring game first let two chase three!Although RW man lost, but RW man showed a good state!Therefore, many netizens just began to play for AG super will feel anxious!No matter LGD goose in the last game, or RW man and WE in these two games, they all feel very strong. Will AG super game be promoted to group S at the end of the first round of spring competition?