Do I deserve to be yelled at for not liking Friends

2022-07-31 0 By

I really don’t understand why young people today have to be scolded if they don’t like Western TV dramas. Why do Chinese people have to like British and American TV dramas so that they seem to have taste and superior to others?Friends is back on Chinese platforms, but Ann didn’t watch the first episode.Everyone is talking about this British TV series, as if the best TV series in the world is this one, even Chinese “Journey to the West” and “A Dream of Red Mansions” are not comparable.Moreover, it seems that if you say you haven’t seen the show, you are already out of society and unacceptable.Saddle out said a, can not appreciate this TV play, was submerged by saliva.In order to prove that the saddle out really read this TV series, the first set of the saddle out of the content of the screenshots down, we look together.The show opens with several old classmates sitting together in a cafe.Then, she said, we are colleagues, next to the male master said, come on, you are dating.But just a burst of laughter…Saddle extinguish want to ask, funny where?Which little friend comes out to explain, give saddle extinguish popular science once, why this sentence is so funny.Then, the second sentence of the male hero, there must be something wrong with the man, and a burst of laughter behind…Later, the saddle out thought for a long time, finally figured it out.Does that mean you have to laugh like a robot when someone laughs in the background and that makes you better at British humour?And is British humour synonymous with elegance and elegance?As a Chinese, watching this British sitcom, with a silly laugh, I am in tune with the international situation.British humor is indeed one hundred times more elegant and superior than Chinese comedy. Please look at the following lines, which caused a burst of laughter. Sorry, I couldn’t laugh at that time.Why this kind of vicious language to attack others and insult others, can draw laughter, not say the British humor is elegant, saddle extinguish leng is not to see, elegant where, where the point of laughter.This act of deliberately making fun of others is the common practice of Mahua Happy and Deyun Society in China. You are scolding vulgarity.How come here in England and America, it’s refined and superior.If it is really the saddle out what understanding of the mistake, which small partner to give the saddle out a detailed explanation.And then, a minute later, male 2 comes in, and he says something, and he laughs again.Male 2 says, no, no, stop purifying my reiki.Then there was a burst of laughter.At that time, Sadden was sitting in front of the TV, like a thorn in his back, like a lump in his throat, is the subway old man look at the expression of the phone.If, The anshan extinguish is to understand the British culture, do not know the British reiki is what play, why so funny, what a meme, well, the anshan extinguish admit that this may be the cultural difference.So, let’s take a look at the next clip.Male one hope male two say, I know, you very angry, very sad.Male one then say, want me to give you a move.A man for a man for a man.The man said, you go out to play.It makes sense to go out for a walk, which is actually a good suggestion.Then, there was a burst of laughter…Sincerely, I just want to ask the friends who have seen this drama a question. How can you laugh so happily? Is it salty or not?Or is it that you couldn’t laugh, because you were watching this British humor, and when the background chuckles on TV, you can’t help but giggle, as if ordered to, and so you’re happy and high and noble?In fact, there are a lot of friends, some people are asking this question on the forum, “Friends”, in the end where is good?