For the 15th year in a row, a veteran “nanny dad” has spent Spring Festival with pandas

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Since the opening of the expansion area of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on January 1, the total area of the base has increased 2.5 times from 1,035 mu to 3,570 mu.New facilities, new forms, new scenery, let the tourists linger, especially the “Spring Bamboo Shoots tower” famous landmark, attracted many tourists to take photos.During the Spring Festival holiday, many visitors came to the Chengdu Giant Panda Base to see the cute and naughty pandas.But what is less noticed is that behind these well-cared for pandas, there is a group of keepers who silently stick to their posts.Tang Pinggui, a panda dad, has spent Spring Festival with pandas for the 15th year since 2007.As a senior “nanny dad”, he has brought up more than 100 pandas.”Just like my own children, I am so satisfied and happy to see them grow up healthy!”Tang pinggui said with a smile.Just a few days ago, pandas at the base received tiger-patterned sacks as New Year gifts.”This is mainly for ‘Feng Rong’, to make the pandas’ Spring Festival less monotonous.”Mr. Tang introduced himself, showing off a sack he made with pictures of tigers in various shapes, “just like a child playing with toys. You need to add something new so you don’t lose interest.”Not only does it look good, it smells good.The forage in the sacks also adds a variety of different smells, “also called smell Feng Rong, which is also a form of adding freshness to the pandas.”Tang Pinggui took the reporter on a tour of the giant panda stadium, where the pandas enjoyed themselves in the face of the New Year’s special gift.To play well, we must eat well and live well.”The panda is very funny. It likes to split bamboo with its head,” said su Xing, a giant panda, outside the moon delivery room at the panda base.Tang Pinggui introduced, with the claw or head is the panda’s different habits.Then he hung up an apple with a bamboo pole, and after a shout Su Xing ate it with relish.Reporters saw that while feeding food, Tang Pinggui will also carefully observe the panda’s appetite, record its health status.In the afternoon, Tang Pinggui called the giant panda back indoors.After cleaning up the excrement and pool in the playground, the pandas were replaced with fresh bamboo.”For safety reasons, humans and pandas should not share the same space, so the pandas should be called indoors and replaced with bamboo before they are called out.”During the Spring Festival, the number of tourists increased, as a veteran “dad” Tang pinggui also started to explain science work, for tourists to answer questions.Reporter Wang Linli photo by Li Dong Original title: Senior “nanny dad” has spent the Spring Festival with giant pandas for 15 years in a row: more than 100 giant pandas have been brought up single-handed