Iflytek “wisdom” to show their skills

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“Hello, welcome to the Beijing Winter Olympics.”In the village, a volunteer named “Aika” is on hand to offer advice.Unlike other Winter Olympics volunteers, “Aijia” is a virtual human who can speak six languages, Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, French and Spanish.This is one of the representative products of IFLYtek to help Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.As the exclusive supplier of automatic voice conversion and translation for Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, IFLYtek has provided translation machines, wearable translation headphones and other products in Beijing and Zhangjiakou to provide voice recognition, machine translation and other services for Olympic participants.”The Olympic spirit is higher, faster, stronger and more united. Iflytek hopes to use the power of science and technology to make the world better.We will use technology to make communication barrier-free during the Games.””Said Duran, senior vice president of IFlytek.One of the basic guarantees for the success of the Winter Olympics is to provide global cross-language services and release and disseminate information in multiple languages.Liu Qingfeng, chairman of IFlytek, introduced that with machine translation and multi-language voice conversion technology, Iflytek will accelerate the implementation of application scenarios centering on the three directions of “barrier-free communication between people, between people and organizations, and between people and events”.Based on the new-generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform of intelligent voice, IFLYtek has developed and customized multi-lingual intelligent voice and language service platform, providing customized and optimized speech recognition, speech synthesis, machine translation, automatic question answering and other functions for the Winter Olympics.Supports speech synthesis for 60 languages, speech recognition for 69 languages, machine translation for 168 languages and interactive understanding for 3 languages.According to the specific scene requirements of the Winter Olympics, IFLYtek has built a winter Olympics knowledge question and answer system in six languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, French and Spanish. The knowledge range includes winter Olympics general knowledge, project information and people information.At the same time, relying on virtual images as the carrier, the integration of gesture, line of sight and other multi-mode perceptual interaction technology, to achieve “empathy” between human and machine.”The hearing-impaired could not hear the results of the match, but they could see the multi-country subtitles synchronized on the screen;Visually impaired people can’t see words, but they can ‘hear’ and see words.”Liu qingfeng said.The intelligent service robot platform created by IFLYTEK has also been applied in Shougang Park, providing intelligent and personalized services for athletes and event service personnel in the aspects of language translation, navigation, hotel check-in, event inquiry, tourism and sightseeing.It is not easy to achieve barrier-free communication in the context of the Winter Olympics with the application of many new technologies. It is necessary to ensure sufficient language range, accurate translation and quick response.For example, multilingual speech language technology involves the development of 60 speech recognition, synthesis, translation and other related technologies, while some small languages have complex language systems and scarce data resources.In response, IFLYtek cooperated with the University of Science and Technology of China to carry out end-to-end modeling and research and development of unsupervised and self-supervised training technology.For speech recognition, a grouping end-to-end unified modeling technique based on morphological clustering is proposed, which reduces the average error rate by 14.18% compared with baseline independent modeling.In speech synthesis, a multi-language unified modeling and transfer learning method based on auditory sense quantization coding is proposed to realize the end-to-end speech synthesis joint modeling for multilingual and multilingual speakers.”With our dual-screen translator, the translation accuracy of key languages is no less than 95 percent, and the average response time for each sentence is no more than 0.5 seconds.””Said Liu Junhua, deputy director of IFlytek AI Research Institute.Many athletes said: “The dual-screen translation machine provided by the Beijing Winter Olympic Games enables athletes from different countries and regions to communicate with each other in a barrier-free way anytime and anywhere. The translation is accurate and smooth, and there is almost no lag.It not only brings us closer to each other, but also provides opportunities for us to communicate and learn.”Intelligent question answering is a hot topic in the field of artificial intelligence. It is faced with problems such as colloquial ambiguity, accuracy of intention understanding and recognition, and coverage of knowledge content. In the process of multilingual research and development, it is more difficult to construct knowledge and analyze linguistic phenomena due to insufficient language talents.According to introducing, hkust xunfei USES the system combination plan, improve the level of general technology, is put forward based on the fragment semantic extraction and semantic understanding of query graph structure scheme, reduce dependence on data, and use the multilingual training model and its machine translation model, realize the data alignment between the six languages, will eventually six language interaction are promoted to more than 85% success rate.In order to ensure the stability of related products during the Winter Olympics, iFLYtek technical team will realize automatic switching function on products to deal with emergencies and provide all-weather service countermeasures.”With the opportunity of the Beijing Winter Olympics, our brand influence and brand value have been greatly enhanced,” he said.In Liu Qingfeng’s view, the Winter Olympics is not only a window for enterprises to display technology, but also an opportunity to accelerate the maturity of technology.In order to serve the Winter Olympics, IFLYtek has expanded the direction of multilingual, systematically developed multilingual voice recognition, speech synthesis, machine translation, text recognition and other technologies to promote the transformation and upgrading of the company.Liu qingfeng said that in the future, they will provide voice interaction, intelligent translation capabilities and integrated solutions in 70 languages around the world.We hope that through innovation and industrial application of multilingual voice and language technologies, we can meet the demand of the country and the market for multilingual translation, and let Chinese voices and Chinese stories spread further.”The Winter Olympics will be like a ‘testing ground’ for the application of cutting-edge technologies. New technologies developed by enterprises will be applied to various fields including urban management and intelligent manufacturing after the Games.”Liu junhua said that the company will further expand overseas markets, and successively launch overseas versions of intelligent hardware such as IFlytek translator and recording pen.(Economic Daily Reporter Li Pengda, China Economic Network reporter Ma Changyan)