Miluo In Palm (March 28)

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Create provincial full employment community (village), 11 units mutual exchanges promote promotion on March 25, Miluo city to create provincial full employment community (village) work will be held in the station community.At the meeting, as the successful establishment of the fifth batch of national full employment community station community experience introduction, 11 applications for the establishment of the 2022 provincial full employment community (village) units to learn from each other, human resources and social security departments of the community (village) creation work made comments.Participants unanimously expressed that they would further enhance the understanding, drill through the business, clear goals, to create a good provincial full employment community (village) or provincial star full employment community (village).March 22 marks the 30th world Water Day, and March 22-28 marks the 35th China Water Week.Sanjiang town closely around the theme of “protect the clear water of a river and pursue the dream of a happy river and lake”, actively organize volunteers to carry out theme publicity activities along the Guanzhong River, advocate the masses to establish the consciousness of saving water, protecting water, cherish water, jointly share a better living environment.(He Jinfeng, HUANG Wei) Baitang Town: Spring ploughing work has been promoted in a scientific and orderly way for days. Baitang town has effectively combined epidemic prevention and control with spring ploughing production, comprehensively implemented the planting area of double-cropping rice and promoted the production of early rice.The production tasks of spring ploughing in 9 villages of the whole town were decomposed to form a mechanism of unified grasp, task to village, responsibility to people;Double cropping rice planting deployment meeting has been held, planting large symposium;Town commission for discipline inspection of the whole process of supervision, organization of village cadres and grid members into the village, do a good job of strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers policy and information publicity, help grain farmers do a good job in land transfer;Establish technical guidance group, provide technical services for the masses, build specialized seedling breeding base, dispatch early rice seeds and other agricultural materials, and strive to complete the double cropping rice planting area.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: