Pingguo held work safety and fire protection work and prevention of major safety accidents in the first quarter of 2022 work conference

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On January 26, Pingguo held a conference on work safety and fire control and prevention of major safety accidents in the first quarter of 2022.Pingguo city people’s government mayor Guo Jia on the city’s safety production work for deployment, the city people’s government vice mayor Huang Meng attended the meeting.Guo Jia on the scene of the meeting pointed out that in 2021 pingguo city production safety, fire, forest fire prevention and control situation is generally stable, but we should also be clearly aware that there are some weak links in production safety.All levels and departments of the city should fully understand the current situation, always tight string of production safety, so that the alarm bell ringing on ideological understanding, strict and effective system guarantee, strict and meticulous supervision and inspection.All related departments to highlight key, strengthen measures, efforts to build a safe production line, pays special attention to the gas, road traffic, fireworks, dangerous chemicals, industry and trade enterprises, the coal mine, and construction sites, crowded places, tourism scenic spots, such as fire fighting safety work, ensure that pingguo, production safety situation is stable.Pingguo municipal people’s government the mayor country spoke at the meeting in the country, stressed that all the villages and towns and departments should in accordance with the requirements of the party and government with responsibility, a pair of responsibilities “, put the safety in production on the important position, to implement the main body responsibility, leadership to themselves, regulators to into a line, the production safety responsibility to each unit, each and every work link,Discover and eliminate accident hidden danger to the maximum extent.All enterprises should earnestly fulfill their main responsibility for production safety, recognize the relationship between production safety and economic benefits, strengthen the concept of safe and scientific development, strengthen safety management and dynamic management, and comprehensively improve the level of production safety in enterprises.All relevant departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation, strengthen supervision and inspection, firmly stick to the front of discipline, ensure the implementation of all safety measures, prevent and curb the occurrence of all kinds of accidents, promote the city’s production safety and fire protection work situation sustained and stable, for pingguo’s economic and social development to create a good production safety environment.(Reporter: Huang Ruitai, Huang Yuanbin)