Yang Zi shares her dubbing photos of “Agalloch” with tears in her eyes

2022-07-31 0 By

Recently, Yang zi posted daily photos of herself at work on her social media platform, including a selfie of her head and a recording studio desk.Everything on the table was in order, and the captions were perfect. In addition to removing the hat, I did not know that the paper shell was still on the head.Many netizens miss Yang Zi, and more is looking forward to the launch of Yang Zi’s new works.In the selfie, Yang zi looks very casual and comfortable in a white hoodie and black wired headphones. She is wearing a brown paper shell on her head, which is probably the paper shell you forgot in her accompanying copy. She doesn’t care about the messy hairstyle, the hair has her own ideas.Half of her eyebrows are covered by paper shells. She wears a white mask and looks at the camera with big watery eyes as if she just cried.Even though only a pair of eyes were visible, her beauty was still visible, and netizens had not seen her post for a long time, expressing their shock that Yang Zi had returned after missing for more than 10 days.Another is in a recording studio, where a thick pile of paper appears to be a script for dubbing. The file on the table is titled “Agarwood like Dust”.Yang zi shared photos of her daily work with the caption get, everything is perfect.It seems that the new drama so far, the work is very smooth and has progressed to the dubbing stage, the premiere date is coming soon, Internet users can’t wait to see the new drama.”Aloes such as Dust” is a fairy novel written by Su Lonely, now shot into a TV series starring Yang Zi, Cheng Yi.Mainly tells the story of Yan Dan (Yang Zi) this is the ancient remnant – four leaves bud, since ancient times the whole body is a treasure of medicine, because one hundred years ahead of time with her twin sisters Zhi Xi in the queen mother feast transformed into adults, this met the life of the biggest robbery – love robbery.Want to use half a heart to change should yuan gentleman originally (Cheng Yi is acted the role of) true feelings, want to forget him with the 800 years of prime unexpectedly however.A tail left only his nine fin, accustomed to the story of Yan Dan, he was integrated into the story of Yan Dan, in order to find Yan Dan abandoned fairy into the demon, more than mo Mountain Lord became Yan Dan to start life again strong sustenance.铘 lanshan, also became their stable home together, in order to grow their own, more than mo often take yan Light “day line a good”, punishment when the wicked met the past should yuan Jun, this life in addition to the evil Tang Zhou’s obstruction and persecution.Then launched yan Dan and the master of both wits, and the life of the earth.While helping Tang Zhou to search for four ancient artifacts, discovered another thing with a mysterious color.Artifact to find the emperor, yan Light at the moment finally found their own home.This time is also the first time two people cooperate, Cheng Yi starred in the film debut “Forgive me, too late to love you” male number one and cut a figure, fashionable fashion style, handsome ancient costume, few actors have such congenital appearance conditions, and Cheng Yi is exactly in line with both “polyhedral” youth strength actor.And Yang Zi is not unfamiliar since childhood acting excellent, do not know two people can collide different sparks, let us please look forward to it!