5 o ‘clock, hexi District these personnel nucleic acid screening!

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According to the deployment of Tianjin Hexi Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters, the following is the full text of the notice:From 5am on February 3, 2022, all residents of Xincheng Community, Liulin Street jinhaihuayuan And Donghai Street Huajiangli community in Hexi District are requested to stay in place relatively still at that time, follow the arrangement of community organizations in the streets, and go to the designated location for nucleic acid testing.(1) Residents are invited to take nucleic acid samples at designated places in an orderly manner with their id cards, foreign identity certificates and other valid documents according to the arrangement of community grid members and grid team leaders to ensure that no one in every household is missed.(2) Residents are requested to take good personal protection during the sampling period, wear masks at all times, keep a distance of more than one meter, avoid gathering and talking to each other, and effectively prevent cross-infection during sampling.(3) Due to the recent cold weather and wet roads, residents and friends, please pay attention to travel safety, pay attention to clothes and keep warm, take care of the elderly and children, we work together to fight the epidemic.Thank you for your cooperation and support!A total of 9 new positive cases were reported in Tianjin on February 2, 2018, according to a statement issued by the Municipal Prevention and Control Bureau of Hexi District.Report any visits to these areas!Hedong caught one!