Families have waited 17 years for this moment!

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There is a kind of meeting, always let a person tears.On the morning of January 28, yuhang Liangzhu street some construction site dormitory, a deaf and mute lost for 17 years a you (pseudonym) finally reunited with his family.Although can’t use language to express, but at the moment a friend’s heart is very excited, he can’t wait to pack up the luggage, and in order to see the lost brother early, brother A Qiang (pseudonym) and friends from January 27 at 3 PM, the night from Chongqing drove 17 hours to Yuhang.On the eve of the New Year, their reunion makes the police feel happy and warm, and behind this reunion, there are also stories that move us.On the morning of January 23, Liangzhu police station of Yuhang District Public Security Sub-bureau received help from workers at a construction site: among the workers, a deaf and mute old man had been lost to his family for many years and wanted to help find relatives through the police station.After receiving help, police Zhang Xinjian immediately led auxiliary police rushed to the site.Because the old man is special, can not be informed of more identity information, police in the settlement of the old man, had to collect the biological materials of the deaf and mute old man.At the same time, Zhejiang TV xiaoqiang hotline column reporter received the police station to reflect the clues, soon came to the site, the elderly lost the situation, made a program to find relatives.Unexpectedly, the video of the message received more than 100 million hits on the Internet after it was broadcast. Many people called to ask for a date, but they gave up because they did not meet the characteristics, except one person from Pengshui County, Chongqing, who offered similar characteristics.The netizen said that the deaf elderly man in the video was very similar to his long-lost brother.After receiving this clue, police Zhang Xinjian again and xiaoqiang hotline reporters rushed to the site.According to the contact information provided by chongqing netizens, the police and the other side added wechat, and opened a video chat.The chongqing netizen recognized the deaf and dumb man immediately after seeing him and said his name, which the deaf and dumb man also nodded excitedly.To further verify the information, the police asked the Chongqing netizen to elaborate again on his brother’s characteristics.”My brother was injured in a fire when he was young. He had one finger cut off and burn marks on his back.”The police looked at the old man’s hand at the same time opened the old man’s back to see, with Chongqing netizens said almost consistent.”The similarity is very high, you can come and see it in person!”Police say that finish, the heart is also very excited, if there is no accident, in front of the old man is their long lost relatives.On the afternoon of January 27, a qiang, a chongqing netizen, took his son and called his relatives in the same village to drive all the way from Chongqing. He didn’t rest for 17 hours and came to Yuhang. He didn’t eat breakfast and came to liangzhu police station.The moment they met, the brothers hugged each other.”I never thought I’d find my brother again. I thought…”Because too excited, a strong some choked up.A Qiang said that in 2005, he took his younger brother out of their hometown to work in Haining, Zhejiang province, then do not know why, his younger brother suddenly lost, looking for several days did not find, then reported to the police, newspaper, television, but still no whereabouts of his brother.”Fortunately, fortunately, we found it at last…””This time not only to thank xiaoqiang hotline, but also to thank the project leader sun boss of this site.”The policeman said, “Thanks to boss Sun’s shelter, your brother’s life is not bad. Look at his clothes, aren’t they all decent?”Originally, six years ago, a friend had scavenged around the site, sun boss saw after taking him to do some simple work on the site, a friend although not speak, but can understand the meaning of sun boss and workers, usually in the site dormitory sweeping the floor, clean up some of the debris on the site no problem.Ah you is also very hard work, every month can also receive five to six thousand yuan salary.However, this year the site has been completed, the project department will be removed, sun boss and workers feel that you should also find relatives, so they discussed to find the police station to help.Fortunately, everything went according to plan.(Written by Liangzhu Police Station) (Yuhang Public Security Bureau)