Friends of time?Rui Yuan locked up photovoltaic equipment units in the warehouse

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Last year, many listed companies completed refinancing projects. According to Wind statistics, in 2021, the refinancing scale of A-share was about 1223.3 billion yuan (including additional issuance, rights offering and convertible bonds, and the statistical caliber is a-share listed companies, excluding BX companies), which exceeded the total of 1,165.2 billion yuan in 2020, with A year-on-year increase of about 5%.According to Wind statistics, as of December 31, 2021, there are 516 private increase projects.Behind these data highlights the hot investment sentiment in the capital market last year. Under the circumstance of abundant capital, the investment enthusiasm of institutions is also ignited.However, by 2022, institutional participation has been largely locked up in refinancing projects completed last year, especially private placement.Among them, set to increase the highest price of maiwei shares also let a number of institutions high takeover, which has rui Yuan.Fupengbo of Ruiyuan Fund, as a classic growth fund manager in China, has a high tolerance of its valuation when he buys the company, and its main profit comes from the growth of the company.According to public information, Fu Pengbo is now working in Ruiyuan Fund Management Co., LTD., with 13.16 years of public offering and 12.60% annual return. The product scale under his management reaches 36.57 billion yuan.At the beginning of the year, Fu Pengbo said in his 2022 investment outlook: Looking forward to 2022, the non-financial growth rate of all A may fall, and high-growth enterprises will highlight their scarcity.”The prosperity of the industry in which the listed company is located, the space and certainty of medium and long term development, and the resources available in the growth process are all important indicators for screening.We will dynamically adjust the position structure based on the pre-disclosure of listed companies’ performance in January, while new energy, military, new materials and high-end manufacturing remain our key industries.”We can see from its representative work Ruiyuan growth value mix of the latest holding positions, the top ten heavy positions are basically some high growth companies.In the fourth quarter of the action, a photovoltaic equipment shares: Maiwei shares ruiyuan fund favor.At the beginning of the construction of the position through the private increase, the private increase price at 625 yuan, compared to today’s closing price of 520 yuan, a drop of more than 24%.However, from the latest information, Ruiyuan growth value further increased the number of shares to about 1.357 million shares.According to public information, Maiwei Is a high-end equipment manufacturer integrating mechanical design, electrical research and development, software algorithm development, precision manufacturing and assembly. The company’s main business is the design, research and development, production and sales of intelligent manufacturing equipment.From the extended range of the company’s stock price, The stock price of Maiwei shares benefited from the high prosperity of the photovoltaic industry and increased ten times from 2020 to the fourth quarter of last year. Subsequently, it consolidated in the high range, from which we can infer that the position of the position cost of Fu Pengbo is at the peak of the stock price.Then, at the end of last year, as liquidity tightened and peripheral shocks hit, share prices fell as much as 37% from their peak.According to recent announcements: Maiwei shares in 2021 to achieve revenue of 3.095 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 35.4%;The mother’s net profit was 643 million yuan, up 63.0% year on year;Single Q4, revenue of 910 million yuan, up 35.6% year on year, parent net profit of 187 million yuan, up 55.8% year on year.The main driving force of the rising stock price and performance is the high prosperity of the public benefit photovoltaic industry. The sales end maintains a high-speed growth, and the cost end relies on leading bargaining to achieve the cost reduction effect. With the further penetration of the photovoltaic industry, it has a certain high growth.However, since the beginning of the year, after the deep correction of the stock price, especially under the premise of heavy technology and cost reduction in the photovoltaic industry, we should pay attention to the order growth brought by the downstream demand of the company and the update of the company’s own technology.