Lishui, Nanjing: Mingzhu Bridge Community takes multiple measures to play the “Assembly” of winter Training

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In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the sixth plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, in recent days, the Mingzhu Bridge community in the development area has taken multiple measures simultaneously to innovate the form of activities, enrich the carrier of activities, stimulate the vitality of party members, and promote the winter training work of party members to go fine, deep and solid.On February 7, the snow covered the earth.In order to ensure the smooth road and the safety of residents, Mingzhu Bridge community responded promptly, made solid deployment and acted quickly. Relying on the grid management mode, party members took the lead in clearing snow and made the winter training effective with practical actions.The cold wind did not affect the enthusiasm of party members and volunteers to clear the snow, we grasp the broom and spade, full energy, work together to clear the snow.After more than 2 hours of fighting, the main road snow clean, open up a safe warm heart of travel road, bright red party emblem in the white heaven and earth shining.Mingzhu Bridge community innovation winter training form, invited the district party school teachers to carry out “face to face” propaganda, to the community party members to build a solid ideological foundation, complement the spirit of calcium, improve the party culture.Zhang Fan, a member of the publicity group of the district Committee and a teacher of the Party school, gave a special publicity to the members of the community with the theme of “firmly follow the Party to walk the Great Beauty Pearl Bridge”.Preaching, sail with rich historical materials, a thorough interpretation of the party’s spirit of the sixth plenary session of the 19th, in reviewing the party’s struggle, in one hundred, realize the party’s mission and significant achievement in one hundred struggle of beginner’s mind as well as the historic achievement of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, further education guide party members more firmly, more consciously practice beginner’s mind and mission,Will participate in the party members winter training concentrated study enthusiasm into the practical action to serve the people, and jointly promote the construction of “great Beauty Pearl Bridge”.In order to carry forward the revolutionary spirit, cultivate patriotic feelings, and further stimulate the majority of Party members to transform the educational achievements into a powerful power to promote their own development and community construction, Mingzhu Bridge community organized the majority of party members to watch the red film “Changjin Lake Water Gate Bridge”.Fearless of war, standing on the ice and snow.In the Battle of Watergate Bridge, the volunteers were starved of food and clothing and materials and equipment. In the ice and snow, with indomitable willpower and intrepidity of the spirit of sacrifice, they “sacrificed their lives to the national disaster, and looked like death suddenly returned”. For the interests of the country and the nation, they had the courage to give up everything of their own, fought life-to-death with the enemy and defended the motherland!The iron will deeply inspired the patriotic feelings of every member of the party, so that they accepted a spiritual baptism touching the soul.Party members have said that we should always remember the ice and snow of Changjin Lake, remember the most lovely people and their immortal military soul in the ice and snow, and bring us the baptism of the spirit of the film, into the power of continuous struggle for a better life in the new era.Winter training “assembly” has been played, the majority of party members of mingzhu Bridge community will set out again, continue to deepen the leadership of party construction, to learn the foundation, to practice the mission with action, to strive for new achievements, in the harmonious construction of the community to test the effectiveness of winter training party members!Rong media correspondent Zhu Zhuzhen