Lushan County, Henan province: Concentrated construction of 10 projects with a total investment of 2.29 billion yuan

2022-08-01 0 By

April 6th morning, Lushan County fourth phase “three batch” project construction activities and Henghai Power Grid intelligent equipment manufacturing power Valley project commencement ceremony was held, a total of 10 concentrated projects, a total investment of 2.29 billion yuan, the annual planned investment of 1.84 billion yuan.On that day, Lushan county set up two county-level meetings, township level meetings 8, concentrated projects involving new energy, equipment manufacturing, modern agriculture, cultural tourism and other fields, to accelerate the transformation of industrial structure, promote the development of modern industry, boost high-quality economic and social development has an important role.The eternal sea power grid intelligent equipment manufacturing power valley project with a total investment of 1.03 billion yuan, covers an area of 137 mu, building area of 120000 square meters, the main construction standardization production, research and development center, custom factory, warehousing logistics center, experimental testing center, etc., after the completion of the project can provide more than 200 jobs, pay taxes 30 million yuan of above.Before the ceremony, Lushan county held a “signing a batch” activity, county and township venues signed a total of 34 projects, a total investment of 12.9 billion yuan.In recent years, the overall deployment of lushan county earnestly implement the CPC municipal committee and municipal government, firmly establish a “project is king” in the guidance, from the project, in project development, project support, the project construction on the prominent position, the core position of all work, all the resources to go with the project, all elements around the project, all the cadres focused project.At present, the county around the equipment manufacturing leading industry, relying on lushan County advanced manufacturing Development Zone, Luyang Industrial Park two platforms, planning more than 120 key projects, a total investment of 80 billion yuan, the annual plan to complete investment of 18 billion yuan.”Lushan County will always adhere to the development concept of project first and service first, and create the most superior development environment to ensure that enterprises can invest at ease, operate at ease and live at ease.Relevant functional departments should fulfill their responsibilities, take the initiative, strengthen service awareness, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and build a strong synergy to promote project construction with a first-class business environment to escort the smooth implementation of projects.I hope the project construction units will carefully organize and carry out scientific construction, build with high standards and promote efficient construction, so as to achieve early completion, early operation and early efficiency under the premise of ensuring construction safety and epidemic prevention and control.”Lushan county party secretary Liu Peng said.(Written by Hu Xiaochang hong Tao, Propaganda Department of Lushan County Party Committee)