A boy was mauled to death by four dogs in Hebei province. What punishment will the dog owner face?

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Nowadays, more and more people own dogs, and many dog lovers also point out many benefits of owning a dog.Some people say that having a dog can strengthen one’s body, which means walking a dog as a way to keep fit.Wouldn’t it be easier to just run?Some people say that owning a dog expands the social circle, which means that through dog-to-dog communication, a social circle can be formed between dog owners.I can understand that, but it still seems like an inefficient way to expand your social network.Others say that having a dog makes your life more organized, because you feed, walk and clean the dog at the same time every day (the dog sheds its fur indoors).This one is a bit bullshit, isn’t it better to raise children and spend time with the elderly?In short, the so-called love me, love my dog, these statements are purely to amuse themselves.However, we seldom hear them talk about an important issue.What is the punishment for a dog owner if his or her dog bites a person?A pedestrian who gets his leg ripped off by a large dog might say, just pay for the medical bills.What about your dog biting you to death?A boy who went missing several days ago in fengfeng Mining area of Handan City, Hebei Province, was found yesterday, only to be mauled to death by four fierce dogs. His body was found only 1.5 kilometers away from his home, Qingdao Evening News reported.Local police issued an alert at noon on January 27 and detained the dog’s owner, surnamed Fan, on suspicion of causing death through negligence.Handan police issued the latest alert notice this is officially registered!As for the four dogs, they have been “disposed of” by the police in accordance with the law because their owners did not provide them with legal documents as required.But the life of this wonderful 11-year-old boy could not be saved.At noon on January 20, Runyun, who was on a winter vacation, went shopping at a supermarket near her home and lost contact with anxious parents who posted posters of missing people.A poster posted by the parents of the victim.Raising a dog is not raising flowers, birds, fish or insects. Not to mention that the noise of barking affects public order and that dogs defecating outdoors will pollute the public environment, after all, dogs are capable of attacking humans, especially large dogs that are more aggressive.So, this kind of thing, really need to set up a mandatory and certain threshold of hard and fast rules.I know some inexplicable dog lovers who don’t have children or time for their parents and are happy with their dogs.Of course, owning a dog is a basic human right, but you should know the most basic concept: human rights are greater than dog rights!A short video posted online by the boy’s relatives is heartwarming and tearful.The child’s grandmother collapsed on the bed, crying, and kept beating herself, blaming herself for not watching the child.Local witnesses have revealed the scene of the tragedy, said the child’s body was found when the “upper body bones”!The owner of the four vicious dogs has been arrested and booked. A lawyer said in the media that he believes the dog owners will not be exonerated unless they can prove they are not at fault.Because China’s law has long stipulated that if the animals are raised to harm people, their owners should bear legal responsibility.However, the lawyer believes that the dog owner in this case, in addition to having to compensate the bereaved family related costs, may also be guilty of negligent wounding.Dong Zhengwei, a Lawyer in Beijing who spoke on his real name, said the dog owners must be held criminally responsible and “may” be prosecuted for endangering public security in other ways besides deliberately wounding people.If the concept of endangering public safety is involved in this level, it can be troublesome, assuming that such a prosecution, this case will undoubtedly become a landmark “dog wounding case”.That is, raising multiple aggressive large dogs without a license can cause injury or even death, which may be equal to the dangerous behavior of arson, water bursting, explosion, poisoning, as enough to endanger public safety behavior will be held responsible.In addition, there are also the destruction of underground ventilation equipment, manufacturing and selling poisoned alcohol, driving into people, with diseased pork processing food and selling, system transfusion bad blood and other dangerous behaviors, all belong to the “by other means to endanger public security crime” list!Of course, how the case will be pronounced will only be known after the official trial by the court. Please wait and see.Believe that the court will make an objective and fair trial in fact, in the local case, as early as in the spring of 2010, the official implementation of the “Handan City Dog Management Regulations”, the content of the dog and dog management has detailed provisions.But when it comes to this topic, I think many friends are aware that similar regulations are very difficult to implement efficiently, for a very simple reason.Many dog owners, to their dogs look very important, in the degree of attention will reach or even more than the degree of human!This undoubtedly greatly increased the law enforcement difficulty of relevant units.A number of cases tell us that individual dog owners will use their social connections to “save” their dogs, and some will pay a lot of money to keep their “hurtful dogs”.Everybody do not feel I am in alarmist, similar case on the net is everywhere, have interest can go to oneself baidu.On December 12, a man in Pudong, Shanghai, spent 7,000 yuan to send his pet dog to school.After graduation, the dog went home and bit his owner again, but he had wasted his money. The first thing he did when he got home after graduation was give him a bite.It is important to emphasize in this article that bites by animals such as dogs (the number of pet dogs is staggering) are also one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in humans, especially as tens of millions of people are bitten by dogs worldwide each year.Among them, the proportion of children is the highest.Young people, especially children, are limited in height and often suffer from head and neck bites, so the consequences are extremely serious, which is why they have the highest mortality rate.If your child is bitten by a dog, in addition to immediately wash the wound with water, be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible, timely injection of rabies vaccine, extreme cases, but also need to inject tetanus vaccine.When you take your children out, try to stay away from public squares and parks populated by dogs to prevent dog bites.Finally, Wang Xie issued a personal appeal, hoping that the relevant government departments to issue more stringent regulations as soon as possible, limit individuals to raise large dogs, reduce the number of them to the maximum, and set up a strict evaluation system for dog owners, to avoid the tragedy of Runrun happening again!A boy was mauled to death by four dogs in Handan