The West does not understand: “Of all the countries in the world, why only China can become the factory of the world?”

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After World War II, some formerly mighty industrial powers declined.And originally some backward countries, through their own efforts, continue to move towards prosperity.Some of the old industrial powers of the West have had to recognise their might.For example, Britain and the United States, these old industrial powers, developed a complete industrial system rapidly after the end of the Second World War.But if we look around the world, we find that out of all the countries in the world, only one country has the strength to become the “factory of the world”.This country is China. However, it is hard to imagine that after the end of world War II, there are many countries with a better industrial base than China, but why only China has successfully assumed the role of “factory of the world”?Whether it was Brazil or India, or South Africa, there was much more potential to become the workshop of the world.But why did all these countries fail and only China succeed?According to expert analysis, there are two main reasons.First of all, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China invested heavily in the field of heavy industry with the greatest strength and in the shortest time.In industry, light industry is important, but heavy industry cannot be replaced by anything else.Because heavy industry takes longer to take shape and requires more economy than light industry.So at that time, many countries focused their energy on light industry with quick return on investment and quick results.That’s what Brazil and India have done, putting more energy and economy into light industry.However, after the founding of our country, the older generation of experts, insisted on the development of heavy industry.Therefore, after decades of training and development, we have finally created the world’s strongest comprehensive strength “world factory”.Of course, this is also inseparable from another important reason, that is, China has a broad consumer market.With a population of 1.4 billion, China is short of both supply and demand.There will be production when there is demand.Not only that, China also actively expand overseas cooperation opportunities, coupled with the huge domestic market, overseas market assistance.China’s industrial scale development is becoming larger and larger, so called “world factory” is also the trend of the situation.