This Asian U30 listed AI company is invested by Kaifu Lee and Zhenge

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You Yang, founder and chairman of a Singapore-based startup that uses high-performance computing to accelerate artificial intelligence computing, says his company has attracted $4.7 million in venture capital.You Yang, whose company hPC-AI Tech was founded in August last year, is listed in Forbes Asia U30 2021.The funding came from Lee’s Innovation Works, Fang Aizhi’s Zhenfund, a Forbes list of the world’s Best venture capitalists, and California-based BlueRun Ventures.The startup also has an office in Beijing.The company’s business is to use cloud technology to speed up cpus and Gpus so that they can keep up with faster-running AI models, Mr. Youyang said.In more technical terms, the company’s high-performance computing system (HPC) speeds up the training and reasoning process of ai models.”In order to enable more enterprises and more people to make full use of AI, we developed the system where users write code on their laptops, and our system can automatically power their AI and deploy it to cloud computing or supercomputers,” you said.Ren Bobing, executive director of Innovation Works, said: “We have found two trends in ai.The first trend is large-scale artificial intelligence models.In 2020, we note that large-scale ai models are rapidly developing and approaching practical applications, especially in natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV).The second trend is scientific ARTIFICIAL intelligence, which is the fourth paradigm of science.On this basis, we have identified HPC-AI as one of our top investment themes for 2021.””The mixing of AI models and simulations will change our approach to research and development,” Ren added.”Dr. You Yang is a top scientist in the FIELD of HPC-AI and has a strong ability to improve his technology and seize this opportunity by building a successful company.”Mr. Youyang said the company now has 10 clients, including Chinese automaker Geely.He has set a goal of 1,000 customers within three years and 50% growth a year after that.”I think there will be a lot of demand for this market in the future.”You added that self-driving cars in particular need his skills because their “huge” AI models require high-performance computing to operate.Mr Youyang sees Us companies and Anyscale as competitors.He expects HPC-AI Tech to stand out with a technology that can scale AI training on a single PC to hundreds of machines using cloud computing or supercomputers.Gartner predicts ai software revenue will reach $62.5 billion this year, up 21.3 percent from 2021.MarketsandMarkets expects the HPC market to grow from $37.8 billion in 2020 to $49.4 billion in 2025.Youyang was inspired by academic research and was inspired by Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.Growing up in China, where his mother ran a clothing store, he was exposed to business culture at an early age.Before founding the company, You and his colleagues had already broken two world records for AI speed, the most recent being the BERT highest training speed he and his team set in 2019, a benchmark used by companies like Google and Microsoft to measure how well machines understand human language.Yang studied at the University of California, Berkeley from August 2015 to August 2020, where she received her PhD in Electrical Engineering-Computer Science. She also received the Lotfi A. Zadeh Prize for her work related to artificial intelligence.You Yang, 30, now teaches computer science at the National University of Singapore.Ralph Jennings is a Forbes contributor. His views are personal.