Urban renewal construction in action!Lacey will add eight more pocket parks

2022-08-02 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter Liu Xiaoxiao correspondent Zhou Yuxiang Qiu Feng opens the door to see the scenery, push the window to see the green, the beauty of the city is hidden in the large and small “pocket park” at home.On April 8th, the reporter learns from lacey had, lacey had 2022 will continue to implement a pocket park construction, nodes in the northwest of Beijing and Hong Kong road, nanjing road peace Long Xi village west road and guangzhou time impression phase 2 east 8 8 pocket park in construction, such as adding square garden road, landscape sketch, sculpture, corridor, such as landscape, set up a stool and other service facilities, fitness equipment, have a restSupporting high-standard greening, to create accessible and user-friendly open green space, to provide “small but beautiful” rest place for surrounding residents.Green area of 10,000 square meters, estimated total investment of 6 million yuan.Lacey had effect in pocket park city “leftover material” make full use of rise, lacey had combined with “style ability promotion year” activities, to send staff into citizens in the city corner with face-to-face communication, choose according to civil appeal in less green space, the areas of high location is established, expanding service radius, improve service quality,Make the pocket park a good place for neighborhood communication, rest and entertainment, so that citizens can enjoy the happiness brought by green life at home.It is understood that as part of the urban renewal and urban construction, in addition to the construction of 8 pocket parks,Lacey had 2022 will also from the reconstruction of old city comb-shaped construction, inefficient area construction, municipal facilities, transportation infrastructure construction, parking facilities construction, city park construction in six aspects in urban renewal and urban construction, key projects involved 57, plans a total investment of 12.512 billion yuan, the annual investment of 4.95 billion yuan.