People, once disconnected

2022-08-04 0 By

People, once cut off contact, you do not answer, I do not greet, and finally become strangers forever.People, once broken contact, you do not take the initiative, I always have no time, and finally slowly towards strange.People, once cut off contact, you leave me, I alienated you, finally can have no intersection.The contacts are filled with familiar names.In the circle of friends, there are still feelings of concern.Just because there is no contact, your life I do not participate in, my situation you do not care about, two people have a distance.Two people cut off contact, affection is not as good as before, the relationship is like birth.His speech became polite and his conversation cautious.Can not find back to the feelings of the past, back to the past enthusiasm.Broke the contact of the two people, because there is no contact, and then meet more restrained, afraid too enthusiastic, a little deliberate, afraid not enthusiastic, a little proud.Whatever you do, you seem insincere, whatever you say, you don’t do what you want.So no matter what kind of feelings, need regular contact.No matter what kind of relationship you have, you need a lot of contact.Otherwise, sooner or later, there will be a breeding distance, there will be nothing to talk about, will be increasingly separated, awkward.Wire is not needed, it will rust over time;Feelings do not hesitate, a long time will fade;Relationships don’t work, they break over time.If we want our relationship to continue, we should always keep in touch, care for each other and help each other. Only when you are involved in my life and I am involved in your heart, can we make our relationship closer and stronger.Between people, feelings need to maintain, relationships need to contact.Do not put busy and tired as an excuse, you are estranged from me, I back to you.Only regular contact, often contact, will not be diluted because of time, will not be unfamiliar because of distance.More contact, feeling deeper, often contact, heart closer!