People with diabetes should be alert!Four kinds of vegetables can increase sugar quickly, life is too common, many people are susceptible to the trick

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When it comes to sugar control, many people know that diet control is the most important, but most sugar lovers don’t have a clear idea of which foods can and cannot be eaten. Many sugar lovers even think that they should just avoid sweets.Pumpkin pumpkin as a common nutritious food in life, has been highly praised by people.Some even claim that pumpkins can lower blood sugar.In fact, in our daily life, we need to control blood sugar through balanced and reasonable food mix.Pumpkins contain soluble sugars and starches.The main components of soluble sugar are oligosaccharides and sucrose, which directly affect blood glucose and cause blood glucose to rise.For sugar friends with large blood sugar fluctuations, eating pumpkin is not conducive to blood sugar control.Potatoes potatoes are a kind of pure starch food.It has the same carbohydrate content as rice and flour.Its glycemic index was 87.In life, there are many ways to cook potatoes.Many of my friends like chips and chips and mashed potatoes of all kinds.Not only is it high on the sugar index, but it also has a certain amount of trans fat.They are very unfriendly to diabetics and therefore, it is not recommended to eat large amounts of overripe potatoes.The best way is to steam them and replace the main course of the meal with potatoes.The sticky substance in the lotus root contains a substance called mucin, and it is also rich in dietary fiber.Fiber helps food digest more slowly, which makes you feel fuller and your blood sugar rise more slowly.However, the main composition of lotus root is starch, a small amount of dietary fiber can not offset the role of starch.So eat more lotus root is easy to rise sugar.4, carrots can not eat a lot of diabetes patients may wonder, carrots clearly not very sweet, why can not eat?In fact, it’s not because carrots are a little sweet, but because they have a glycemic index of 71, which is a food with a high glycemic index.For sugar friends with unstable blood sugar control, it is not recommended to eat carrots in large quantities at one time, but carrots are rich in vitamins, especially carotene, which can protect blood vessels well and relieve visual fatigue. Therefore, sugar friends should control the amount of food.In addition, diabetes patients also need to pay attention to these in their daily life.1. The water temperature in the bath should not be too high for diabetics, especially for sugar friends with acrometalneuropathy, who sometimes have sensory disorders and paresthesia, and should avoid high water temperature to prevent scald caused by hindsight.Middle-aged and elderly diabetics should pay attention to the balance of water and oil in the body when taking a bath. They should drink a cup of water before taking a bath, which is not only conducive to metabolism, but also to avoid dehydration.Take a bath should pay attention to warm, avoid cold, wind.Dry your skin immediately after bathing to prevent catching a cold.It is worth mentioning that diabetic patients should not bathe within 30 minutes before and after meals, and take a bath on an empty stomach before meals, which is prone to hypoglycemic shock, collapse and fainting and other symptoms.Bathing after a meal can reduce the secretion of gastric acid, affecting the digestion and absorption of food.2, three meals to regular many diabetic patients think that eating less staple food can prevent blood sugar rise.But this is not only prone to hypoglycemia, but also promote the excessive decomposition of fat and protein in the body, causing emaciation, malnutrition, and even starvation ketosis.Therefore, eat three meals regularly.3. Exercise should be appropriate. People who lack exercise at ordinary times are also prone to suffer from diabetes. In fact, exercise can not only consume calories and reduce obesity, but also increase insulin sensitivity.In addition, the risk of heart disease will increase, if there is any symptoms of chest tightness, abnormal vertigo, blurred vision, nausea, should stop movement, immediately seek medical treatment.When blood glucose is higher than 240mg/ dL (13.3mmol/L) can appear ketone body can not participate in exercise.Once diagnosed, diabetes cannot be cured, and patients need to take drugs and diet to control blood sugar within a stable range, so attention must be paid to it.