Aunts in the beautiful spring left a beautiful image, 6 simple beauty to learn, elegant and natural photos

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This period of time jiangnan early spring rain, everyone is looking forward to the arrival of warm spring, into the nature of spring, spring breeze ten miles, colorful, beautiful.In the midst of such beauty, nature wanted to record the moment.Many novice friends will not pose for the camera when taking portraits, and their stiff expression will often affect the film rate.Today this issue of the article, with examples of pictures to teach you a few simple and practical pose, elegant and generous, especially suitable for middle-aged female friends.Welcome your focus likes and happy photography with Blue Greece.1: Open your arms, embrace spring beautiful spring, spring to appreciate flowers, in the beautiful scenery of nature, romantic flowers, we can open our arms to do a hug spring action, very have a sense of empathy.It is important to note that the open arms are slightly curved, not too straight, this is more comfortable, more natural.For example, in the picture below, the model in white dress stands in the golden rape flowers with open arms, slightly raises her head and closes her eyes, embracing the sea of flowers and feeling the breath of spring, which is very spring atmosphere.2: slowly into the spring in the sunny spring into the green grass, into flowers, is a natural beautiful picture.The best way to capture the movement of spring is to freeze the most natural moment.At that time, both front, side and back shots were very natural and generous.The graceful spring figure is a good-looking figure kill, in the spring scene, must take a picture.People like spring, because spring is full of vitality and colorful, and all kinds of beautiful flowers are romantic and beautiful in spring.To make a beautiful spring portrait, how can you not interact with flowers?And with the flower interaction movement is also very much, such as two hands holding flowers, one hand to explore flowers, bow to smell, etc., these movements are classic and practical.4: Quietly appreciate the beauty of spring spring fleeting, we need to feel by heart.Looking for the most beautiful flower season, a romantic date with spring, feeling the spring breeze, fine smelling the flowers, we stand silent, everything is beautiful!This time do not need to use exaggerated action, we stand quietly in the spring, enjoy the spring is a beautiful scenery.Both the standing posture and sitting posture are beautiful pictures, which can be set according to the actual scene of the specific shooting.5: Look back at the smile, look at the camera lens smile vivid and sweet, if you feel a stiff smile is not easy to grasp, then you can take a snapshot in the side to look back, so that the character image more three-dimensional, look back at a smile, make the picture more sweet!6: hand props to see the distance in the spring of nature portrait, all kinds of practical props can also be used.Especially middle-aged female friends, feel as exaggerated as the little girl lively, will prepare some props to help pendulum action.For example, in the picture below, my sister is standing in front of the background of a sea of pink flowers, holding her bicycle and looking up at spring, which is a very elegant picture.Hat and flower basket, is also used in spring props, very pastoral, easy to use and good-looking, worth recommending.In the beautiful scenery of spring portrait, there are many beautiful poses, but I think these are more classic and practical.Especially suitable for middle-aged female friends, the photos taken elegant and generous.Spring is beautiful and short, with your spring clothes, with your good mood, to record our beautiful spring it!If you think my article is helpful to you, please like, forward, favorites, thank you for reading!