Encounter (Mini-Novel) (I)

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Rainbow sitting in Shanghai to Fly to Beijing on the plane closed eyes.She thought, as if someone was calling her in the dark. Since she saw the recruitment notice of Beijing GQO Wine Industry Co., LTD on the Internet, she has been restless for half a year, eating badly and sleeping restlessly.This time she finally made up her mind, not only did not tell her relatives and friends around her, but also cut off her own backroads and quit her high-paying job in a Shanghai foreign trade company.After getting off the plane at Beijing airport, she took the airport bus to the vicinity of Gongzhufen and found a hotel to stay.She knew it was not far from Wukesong 49.By this time, however, her mind was somewhat calmed.I slept soundly in the afternoon.In the evening, she found a bar nearby.The bar was bustling with light and wine.She found a corner and sat down.The waiter came up to her, bent down and whispered with a smile, May I take your order, ma ‘am?A glass of GQO, she blurted out.Ok, just a moment, please.She didn’t realize it was actually here.She studied at the University of Adelaide in South Australia three years ago.In her sophomore year, she and local classmate Victor.Jones is in a relationship.He was a tall, handsome young man with naturally curly hair and a beard that accentuated his masculinity.His humorous conversation swept her off her feet.Holidays, Victor.Jones took her on trips around Adelaide.Her first kiss was by Victor at a place called GQO Manor.Jones stole it.There are apple, pear and plum trees and lavender, more shiraz, Chardonnay and Merlot, riesling and other grapes.As Victor Jones and the owner’s son were good friends, they went there many times for trysts and ate all the grapes in the garden.They often order GQO when they go to the bar.Victor Jones had promised to go back to China with her after graduation to study Chinese, but he died in a car accident.After graduation, she sneaked off to Victor.At Jones’s grave.She said to Victor Jones, “I won’t be able to see you much, my dear, but I’ll tuck you in my heart and take you with me.The next day she left that sad place.It took her back to GQO Manor and brought back many sweet memories.At this time, a foreigner stood opposite her and said: beautiful woman, may I sit here?.To be continued image source network