Love is a part of life!

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The TV series “love to the end”, in my opinion is the originator of domestic idol drama bar!At that time, I just entered college, although with a vague vision of love, but did not understand what love is.Every time I review, when Xiao Ke’s “Distant View” rings, Yang Zheng rides a bicycle full of roses and flies out, that is my initial ignorant definition of romance.When Yang Zheng put on headphones for Wen Hui in the record store, “Lonely Long-distance Runner” sounded, those memories of youth, still young and ignorant sentimental!Watching “Love Will Last” at each age will have different feelings, especially the need to redefine the love relationship.Now that I’m over 40, I have a better understanding of the show because of my life experience.Love is an old and new topic.Everyone is reverently pursuing it.Good love can bring endless charm and sweet happiness to our life.However, not everyone’s love can be nearly perfect, so there are many lost marriage or lovelorn people on the way to love.Yang Zheng and Wenhui – fall in love, what is a kind of feeling campus love, the beauty of the first love, the best in life than this bar.Handsome boy meets beautiful girl, that is the dream and madness of youth.Although The fairy tale love of Yang Zheng and Wen Hui ended in vain.But from the beginning, they have fallen in love.Lovers often say that from the moment they fall in love, the other person seems to become a magnet, attracting their eyes firmly. As long as they open their eyes, the figure of their lover haunts my mind, as if there is only one of them in heaven and earth, and nothing else is important.That involuntarily sweet smile ah, in others look a little silly, a little crazy, but their own happiness as if floating in the clouds, only look forward to time always stop at this moment.When Yang met Wen Hui for the first time, he tried his best to pursue her.Everything seemed so perfect that he was no longer the boy, but a man in love.Many people don’t know what it means to fall in love.To be honest, I don’t even believe it.In my opinion, falling in love is the plot of fairy tales.Yes, fall in love in the man, woman, when it sees their partner, all feel the other side like a torch as bright, like a gem as beautiful people obsessed, their eyes of the lover is so dazzling, so sweet.The truth about Falling in Love Actually, falling in love is not some make-believe fairy tale.There are many signs of it.Falling in love is not about becoming what someone wants you to be, it’s about becoming a better version of yourself.I don’t mean to make you perfect, just to make you better.You are only doing it for the person who values you, and you are doing it consciously, not blindly.Falling in love is mutual acceptance.Falling in love makes you love everything about a person, overlook their faults, and forgive their mistakes.Falling in love means the worse the person is, the more you love them.Falling in love is a persistent effort.Falling in love is about loyalty.Falling in love means being faithful, committed to the end, treating your partner like everything, the apple of your eye.You can’t bear to leave them even if their flaws make you unbearable.After all, love is such an opportunity given to us by god. It seems to open the deep springs of our hearts, and give us the power to enrich our souls.Le Yan and Ai — What Love Needs is Trust The meeting of Le Yan and Ai is a fireworks display.So their love is just like this fireworks flash in the pan, short and brilliant.Trust is important in love.Ongoing trust is more important.If you can’t trust all the time, it’s hard to get to the end.Al always wanted to be the one to be trusted, and Le Yan couldn’t make that leap.Standing at both ends of each other can only choose to let go.Sitting at the place of the first encounter, stop after stop, until the last bus, is both a ceremony and a farewell.Love requires trust.If you don’t learn to trust your lover enough, you may end up with a lifetime of regret.The boy and the girl are a couple, the girl likes to feel the rain, the boy always holds the umbrella for the girl when it rains.Most of the umbrella is to cover the girl, every time the rain wet the boy’s body, he did not say anything, just silently looking at the girl intoxicated face.He felt very happy, the girl also felt very happy.One day, the boy and the girl went for sightseeing. The boy was holding the girl’s hand. They were passing a construction site.Suddenly, from the upstairs dropped a small piece of gravel, were heading for the girls to head down, now too late to run away, boy had held for a girl, he want to use your body block of gravel, just two people at the end of landing, the boy suddenly turned over to let his body down, the girl just hands are gravel hit, and bleeding.The girl reacted and cried out in pain, tears streaming out, she tried to endure the pain from the boy’s body climbed up, did not look at the boy ran away.The boy’s voice trembled and his lips turned white as he called her name.He took out a cell phone to dial the girl’s cell phone number, the girl did not answer, dial again or did not answer, repeated several times after he gave up, just finger on the phone press what.As the blood slowly spread around the boy, his hand dropped, his phone fell in the pool of blood, and he no longer had the strength to press send.The next day, the girl learned that the boy in the hospital rescue news, also regardless of anger ran to the hospital.By the time she got to the hospital, doctors had declared the boy dead, due to excessive blood loss from his lungs.Originally, when the boy wanted to block the gravel with the body, suddenly found that the ground stood a ten centimeters of steel bar, he suddenly turned over, exhausted the strength of the whole body only let the gravel hit the girl’s hand, but he let the steel bar into the lung.The boy’s mother put the boy’s mobile phone into the girl’s hand, the girl looked at the message that has not been sent: dear, I’m sorry, I still failed to protect you, let your hand hurt…See here the girl’s tears can no longer help welling up eyes…If you don’t learn to trust your lover enough, you may end up with a lifetime of regret.The best way to forget a relationship is to start a new one.If tong said so also did so, but this paragraph of affection brought pain to her already.If Tong and Yang Zheng, no pressure communication, this is love.Love is a constant stimulation when it’s over, but you still can’t stop thinking about that person.Once they leave you, you’ll feel good about them.In fact, you’re already in love with him.Why is that?Many of us have experienced the feeling that when there is a constant noise around us, we hardly feel it, and then when the noise suddenly stops, we feel that it has just been disturbed.Love is also a constant stimulus.When people are in love for a long time, they tend to turn a blind eye and turn a deaf ear to it.But when the stimulation stops suddenly, that is, when the lover suddenly breaks up with him or her, there is a strong sense of maladjustment.At this point, there will be a series of strong reactions, and even incredible extreme behavior.So what makes a person psychologically unbalanced?Perhaps many of us have experienced that when someone continues to show affection for you, it can lead to an “egocentric” state of mind for the person being courted, a feeling of excellence and an inflated sense of confidence.A person is always intoxicated in this state of mind, will show very happy, as time passes this kind of mind is not easy to be broken.At such times, when the lover suddenly leaves, the environment to maintain this confidence will be broken, which makes the suitor feel very uncomfortable, feel that the sky is falling.Lovelorn, but more need each other for lovelorn, unable to transfer energy to other things, in their eyes, work, study, life, everything is not important, only to find the lost lover is the most important.Because these depressed people are so locked into their own closed world, once they believe in something, it’s hard to change it.Thus, depressed people will stubbornly allow themselves to ruminate on the matter, believing that the only way out of their misery is to change their lover’s mind.Thus, in their hearts, the desire for love becomes stronger and stronger.The pain of a breakup is an evolutionary response that psychologists have divided into two stages: “protest” and “abandonment and despair”.In the protest phase, the jilted partner struggles with the question: What did he or she do wrong?How can ability keep the heart of the other side, let the other side fall in love with him afresh?They do this by showing up unexpectedly at their partner’s home or workplace and growling.Or constantly calling and emailing a former flame.Dramatically, as these behaviors became more intense, the love of the person being dumped for the other person intensified rather than diminished.This phenomenon is called frustration attraction, which means that when love is blocked, the jilted partner becomes more in love with their partner.Love is a part of life. When life ends, love ends.And I think, life is a part of love, love ends, life ends.