Zhiren Lecture Hall | the Second Issue of life Insurance and Divorce Division in 2022

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On the evening of January 18, 2022, The second phase of “Zhiren Lecture” of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm was held in the central conference room of the firm.Current ZhiRen hall by zhejiang ZhiRen senior partner at the law firm Yu Chun red as a keynote speaker, ZhiRen practice by lawyers Li Kaifei as a facilitator, ZhiRen intellectual property department chief attorney YuJin and internship lawyer Lv Zehui as communicate with talking about people around this topic discussion, finally summarized by ZhiRen foreign-related business department chief attorney, Lin fang.In recent years, life insurance is increasingly common in inheritance disputes and divorce proceedings. With the gradual change of philosophy, life insurance has become an investment tool.In this lecture, lawyer Yu Chunhong introduces the theme of “life insurance and divorce division” by asking questions, and invites all lawyers present to think with questions.First of all, more than a lawyer carefully introduces what is the personal insurance, including the classification, the main body, cash value, etc, combined with classic case related to simple analysis of the personal insurance division and premarital personal property before marriage and divorce when buying the insurance value of mutual transformation, divorce, division of personal insurance, children as a special dispute to the insured, the beneficiary three pieces of content,And teach you how to use personal insurance to realize the effective separation of prenuptial property (including donated property) and marital property.During the discussion session, yu Jin, the chief lawyer of intellectual property department of Zhiren Law Firm, and Lv Zehui, the intern lawyer, had further discussions and exchanges with Yu Chunhong on the theme of this lecture. They discussed with Yu Chunhong according to their own problems in practical work, and gave their personal opinions and suggestions.In the q&A session, Lawyer Yu answered several questions raised at the beginning of the lecture one by one, and led us to review the content of the course again. Lawyers from both inside and outside the law firm also actively asked questions, and the atmosphere was enthusiastic.General comment link, Zhejiang Zhiren law firm senior partner, foreign affairs department Lin Fang lawyer said: this Zhiren lecture, Yu lawyer to marriage disputes as an opportunity, intersperson a large number of cases, the life insurance and divorce segmentation integration, to bring you a wonderful lesson.Lawyer Lin Fang also calls on colleagues in the industry and lawyers in the firm to participate in the Zhiren lecture hall, to learn and progress together.