Correct selection of cleaning agent for engine cleaning

2022-08-06 0 By

In real life, many drivers have encountered such or such problems, such as unstable engine idling, poor acceleration, high fuel consumption, black smoke, startup and so on, and these problems are not all in the old cars, some driving mileage is less than 100,000 kilometers, or even shorter.About this point, in addition to accidental mechanical, circuit reasons, mostly due to the engine carbon accumulation too much, the internal environment is too dirty, thus affecting the normal work of the engine.Here we want to emphasize and introduce is: not everyone attention, many manufacturers also do not have special equipment of the project – engine intake system cleaning and maintenance.For electric jet vehicle, the dirt of throttle body and idle valve will affect the sensitivity of TPS and IAC, thus greatly affecting the working condition of the engine.Say a bit more specific: air quality, air filter and maintenance quality and crankcase ventilation mixes up, often cause the throttle body and idle valve smudgy place, influence of the opening of the throttle opening sensitivity, accuracy, the valve of air flow in idle speed, idle speed motor flexibility, ultimately affect the normal work of the engine, reflected the symptom is:Idle instability, wheezing, poor acceleration, increased fuel consumption, etc.At present, some garages have also attached importance to and increased the intake system cleaning services, but most of them are still limited to disassembly and cleaning, and we advocate the use of tools for disassembly and cleaning, the effect is as obvious, so as to save time and effort, and more importantly, as far as possible not to damage the original structure.In addition, need to remind everyone is: the cleaning liquid used for cleaning can have knowledge — those common carburetor cleaning agent, inferior products easily damage sensors (such as oxygen sensors), when using to be cautious.In the choice of cleaning agent, to choose high-quality products with quality assurance, recommend the use of some of the more famous brand products, such as 3M, force magic, after all, are widely used in the international brand, the effect is also worth ensuring.