【 Spring Festival I am on duty 】 your peace is years

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With a stick to loyalty Years is anxious to return expectations is the joy of reunion is a celebration of lights is busy thick but the bright lights of the festival atmosphere in red and blue double color flashing light weave the fence of peace purplish blue notes movement played a symphony of peace Yi yi badge cast nut shield guard peace new Great Wall At this moment we are using measurement of peaceIs with the warm care of peace is with the loyalty to defend the peace of the eye, the heart of all is peace we are the people’s police!Today, we are absent from the family reunion, to accompany family members and friends gathered in the cold winter night against the wind because of the faith in the heart, shoulder responsibility noble, ceaseless loyalty to responsibility;Full of passion, interpretation for the people’s feelings.At the moment, I am on duty on the post, protect the lights, infinite glory!END | under the supervision of party a learned coordinating editor | Han Yanling edit | media center