What are the sights in Tibet that you will never forget?Sunset over Namtso and moonlight at the foot of Mount Everest

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Tibet has always been a holy land in the hearts of Chinese people, and most people regard Tibet as the most difficult tourist destination to reach in China.Some people have not fulfilled their desire to travel to Tibet because of the long distance, physical reasons or other practical problems.There are also some people, because of their procrastination when they are young, when they get older, they really don’t have the chance to go.It is not only Tibet. If conditions permit, I should go to the place I want to go as soon as possible, perhaps one day the scenery will be gone.Perhaps before it disappears, for environmental reasons, it will be closed to the public;Maybe…There’s no chance.What is the full name of Tibet?The Tibet Autonomous Region is a parallel administrative unit with the province.What are some of the most impressive sights in Tibet?Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigaze, Lulang Town in Nyingchi, sunset in Namtso, moonlight at Everest Base Camp.1, The Potala Palace in Lhasa Buddha extremely luxury, what turquoise, ruby, emerald, all kinds of gems are generously decorated in the Buddha statue, but the palace Buddha is absolutely not allowed to take photos, so, the most impressive is the Potala Palace exterior.The potala Palace is so clearly located that it can be clearly seen on the streets of Lhasa and even in a restaurant.Because the place to live from the Potala Palace is very close, no matter stroll there.We can say that we have seen the Potala Palace from all angles.The Angle that the front sees most often is square of course, seen by day, still can go to see night scene in the evening, same shock same beauty.The Reflection of the Potala Palace can be photographed in the Longwangtan Park on the back of the Potala Palace.Yaowang Mountain, not far from the Potala Palace, is also a good place to photograph the Potala Palace, and the new 50 RMB potala Palace is from this Angle.Tashilhunpo Temple is my favorite Tibetan temple, the reason is that it is special casual, completely without the potala Palace style and the solemn atmosphere, but a school of fireworks.Of course, even so, it can not cover up the panchen in the past dynasties in situ status.Before entering the main hall, there are many Tibetan-style buildings, which look like ordinary Tibetan-style houses. There is a window sill with flowers planted in tin buckets.The temple has two places for turning sutras. The big circle of turning sutras starts outside the temple and turns around the wall.There was also a small sutras turning place, where tibetans all turned sutras around three white pagoda. we followed three times.Nyingchi is called the Switzerland of the East, not to mention really like it.We missed the Peach Festival in March, but still saw lush alpine meadows, streams bubbling nearby and cattle grazing in the distance.If it were not for the unusual shapes and colors of the Windows of the Tibetan houses in the village, I would have thought I was in Switzerland again.We didn’t live in the more commercial Lulang International Town, but in the village head’s house that the driver found.Besides providing accommodation for tourists, the family’s other main income is selling caterpillar fungus.When it was time to gather cordyceps, the whole family joined forces.Why do tourists to Tibet always bring sleeping bags?That’s where the importance comes in.We slept in sleeping bags, which were supposed to be safe, but a bug (flea or whatever) got into my sleeping bag and bit me into several painful, itchy bags, until my next stay got a few hours of intense sun exposure to avoid further pain.Many tour groups go to Namtso to give tourists an hour or two of sightseeing time before moving on to the next attraction. I personally recommend staying one night in Namtso because the sunset is not to be missed.Although the accommodation there is limited, it is worth the view.To the lake of Namtso, there will be a lot of people holding cows to let you take photos, of course, is charged;A number of black hounds followed, and it was not clear whether they wanted to be close to you, because they saw few people, or because they hoped you would give them something to eat.Don’t say didn’t take food, be to take, also dare not give, give a dog, surround come up a pile of how to do?To see the sunset at Namtso requires a climb up a hill.Those who have been to Tibet know that every small slope is a big mountain for us, not to mention the elevation of the lake in Namtso is already 4718 meters.Uncle photographers have found a good position, the long guns aimed at the direction of the sunset.The weather is very good, white clouds are set by the sunset golden rim, the uncle became the scenery in my camera.5. The moonlit view at Everest Base Camp now sounds like Versailles, as tent hotels are no longer allowed at the base.Go here once also quite troublesome, need to handle border defense certificate.Now that visitors can get to the nearest point to Mount Everest, except rongbuk temple and, of course, the 8,848.43 stela, the feeling is likely to be: This is it?The tent area at Everest Base Camp used to be a hive of activity, with more than 10 or even 20 people living in a large yurt.It was not a bed, but a circle of stools, where we sat during the day and became bunks for sleeping at night.It was tough, but it was just for one night.It had the highest post office in China, and I sent several postcards to friends, one of which took more than half a month to arrive.There were a lot of pigeons in the tent area, pecking at the ground in an honest way, often whistling suddenly, flying around in groups, and then falling down again.Night to go to the toilet to go outdoors, I feel from the direction of Mount Everest has a particularly bright searchlight, do not need to play a flashlight can see the road, smoothly on the toilet, back to the tent.With the partner to study along while, also did not understand the energy tension here, why there will be such a bright searchlight?Later, I asked the Tibetan driver and saw more clearly in the daytime. Only then did I know that there was no searchlight at all. What I saw last night was the moon.