What kind of Lantern Festival is the hottest?The popularity of night travel increased by 168%, and Chengdu ranked among the top five hot cities!

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The Year of the Tiger Lantern Festival falls on a weekday, but travel is no less enthusiastic.According to big data of same-trip travel, the search heat of “night trip” on same-trip travel platforms increased by about 168 percent during the Lantern Festival compared with the Spring Festival.According to the data of the Lantern Festival exhibition cycle, from 17:00 to 20:00 is the peak time for car use. Many families will take the elderly and children outside to enjoy the lanterns and take photos before and after dinner, promoting the increase of car orders of the same journey by nearly 6 times compared with the same period last year.Major scenic spots across the country have also made full preparations for such festival experiences as intangible cultural Heritage night Tours and lantern appreciation.This year’s Lantern Festival falls on a working day, so some people chose to “skip the peak” and celebrate the festival earlier on Feb 12 and 13 to better experience the festive atmosphere.The TOP10 most popular cities for the 2022 Lantern Festival are guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, nanjing, chengdu, hangzhou, xi ‘an, chongqing, changsha and luoyang, according to same-trip big data.As a classic event of the Lantern Festival, lantern viewing, garden Tours, guessing lantern riddles, making lanterns and other activities not only create a happy festive atmosphere for the masses, but also let people experience high-quality cultural travel products.Nanjing Qinhuai River Confucius Temple, Shanghai Yu Garden and Xi ‘an Datang Furong Garden are the top three scenic spots for the 2022 Lantern Festival, followed by Guangzhou Yongqing Square, Taiyuan Ancient County Lantern Festival and Zigong China Lantern World, according to same-trip big data.The Lantern Festival coincides with the Beijing Winter Olympics, and snow and ice tourism remains one of the most popular travel themes.At the same time, with the support of the Lantern Festival and the Beijing Winter Olympics, the enthusiasm of skiing and skating in winter is pushed to a climax in the north.Data showed that Beijing Jundu Mountain ski resort, Sichuan Taizi Ling ski Resort, Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort, Xinjiang Jiangjun Mountain ski resort and Guangzhou Rongchuang Snow World became popular snow and ice tourist attractions during the Lantern Festival.Thanks to this, city sightseeing and skiing are among the TOP5 tourism themes for the 2022 Lantern Festival.Compared with the north, the temperature in the south has gradually become warmer. The camellia in Guangzhou and the Chinese rose in Kunming have now entered their blooming period, attracting the attention of many surrounding tourists.At the same time, the existence of “national tide culture” also makes young people interested in the Lantern Festival culture.It is worth mentioning that, because the mascot of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games “Bing Dwen Dwen” is very popular among men and women of all ages, no matter it is the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival at home or the ski resort, the handicraft products with “Bing Dwen Dwen” as the image (related authorization) have attracted people’s attention.(Source: Chengdu Business Daily)