What’s the weather like in Beijing during the Winter Olympics?There will be three more cold spells before the 20th

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The Winter Olympic Games have begun in Beijing. What’s the weather like during the event?Ji Chongping, chief engineer of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, said that there will be three cold air events before the 20th.Ji Chongping, chief engineer of Beijing Meteorological Bureau, said that according to the latest data analysis, by the 20th, the temperature of Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou three competition areas is close to the usual, during this period, there are three cold air activities.Before and after February 7, there will be weak cold air influence, there will be 3, 4 north wind;From February 11 to 13, there will be weak cold air, rain and snow;Around February 18, there will be cold air activity.Ji Chongping said, due to a long time, the above forecast is still uncertain, the city meteorological department will closely track the weather and climate situation changes, timely update the forecast conclusion.In addition, Ji Chongping introduced the winter Olympics meteorological science and technology innovation to achieve two “first”.First, for the first time in China, the multi-dimensional comprehensive meteorological observation experiment under complicated terrain in winter was organized and carried out in mid-latitude mountainous areas.The three-dimensional and encrypted meteorological observation network of Yanqing and Zhangjiakou has been constructed, which provides fine weather “background” data for the research and development of meteorological forecast technology and practical services of the Winter Olympics, and also lays a foundation for deepening the research of mountain meteorology in China.Second, for the first time, it has realized the operational weather forecasting capability of “100-meter and minute-level”.Based on numerical prediction, machine learning and other technologies, a winter Olympics weather forecast product covering 100 meters grid and updated in 10 minutes has been formed, which greatly improves the forecast accuracy of key weather elements of the Winter Olympics and effectively supports the forecast service team to carry out fine weather services.During the Winter Olympics, meteorological departments will pay close attention to weather changes, update the forecast on a rolling basis, and provide weather services tailored to the different needs of competition, protection and viewing.What’s the weather like in Beijing during the Winter Olympics?20 there will be three cold air) source: Beijing daily client | Wang Tianqi journalist CAI to collect process editor: u010