Who is Argentina’s number one soccer player?Maradona forever, Leo Messi of the world

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Who is Argentina’s number one soccer player?Maradona forever, the lai Ao Masi of the world every country has his first star, the position is firm, unbreakable, the Pele of Brazil, the C luo of Portugal, the tall qiu of China, it is the country with indisputable first superstar.But what about soccer powerhouse Argentina?Who is their first star?Argentina has maradona and Messi, two unrivaled talents, among the top four superstars in the history of the game.Of the two of them, which one is the best player in The league?If only the greatest Argentine player, I think Messi himself, would vote for Maradona.Maradona is a national hero in Argentina, by all accounts.Argentina lost the Falklands war on their doorstep in 1982. They were beaten to the north by the British, a war that changed the country’s course. England and Argentina have an irreconcilable hatred.In the 1986 World Cup, Argentina met England in a match that neither side could afford to lose. It was not just a World Cup knockout match, but a continuation of the war between the two countries.It was the game in which Maradona pulled off the greatest individual revenge against his country in the history of sport, and in such a sublime fashion.Hand of God, the most controversial goal in World Cup history;Devil’s Foot, the greatest goal in World Cup history.It happened at the same time in this one, and it was done by Maradona.One has to admit that Maradona is the one chosen by God.In the right place at the right time, Maradona is a national hero in Argentina, even for this one game.What’s more, he helped Argentina win that World Cup with an unmatched performance.Argentina’s 1978 title was debatable, while the 1986 one was undebatable.Argentina used to be a developed country, but later, due to various reasons, they rapidly declined into a developing country, ma is the witness of Argentina from prosperity to decline.86 World Cup strength, more like Argentina’s heyday elegy.In the 21st century, the landscape of world football has been reshuffled. Since Brazil won the World Cup in 2002, South American soccer has not won the World Cup again. Even Argentina reached the World Cup final in 2014.The rest of the time, the World Cup finals are monopolized by Europe.Apart from Chinese football, the basic principle of modern football is that the more developed the economy, the more developed the football.As a result, the time when South America, with its relatively backward economy, could compete with Europe on its own is gone forever.Messi came of age during this period, and his personal ability is unmatched, rivaling that of any of the great gods of history.But at this time, Argentina did not have the ability to compete with the European powers.Time also, fate also, luck also.Argentina, after Maradona, added to the gloom.Batistuta, Riquelme, Messi again and again to the World Cup, again and again failed to return, the World Cup has become Argentina’s unreachable dream.Even the Copa America is 28 years apart from Argentina.It is heartbreaking that Messi, with his transcendent individual ability, could not win the top team accolades.Since 2006, Messi again and again hit the tournament honors, again and again fell in different stages, tragic and stirring, but also the world Argentina fans united to a place, the world’s fans, even shouted out the “world owes Messi a World Cup” slogan.Regret, is one of the undertones of Messi’s career, perhaps God does not want to see the perfect Messi.Argentina’s solemn and stirring, let Messi become the lone hero of the national team.And the development of the network, let Messi harvest more attention than the old horse.Maradona was fortunate enough to live in that era, when he was peerless on the court, off the court can be said to be a monster.In this day and age, I’m afraid the status of the old horse will drop three notches.With the help of the Internet age, Messi’s fame spread around the world, but also because of the Internet age, the number of flaws will be infinitely magnified, become his stain.But Messi has been exemplary in his conduct, and in today’s more morally demanding world, he has defied the Internet’s omnipresence.Messi is a role model both on and off the pitch.Maradona is the greatest Argentine player of all time.Because the greatest is not just about skill and glory, it is also about carrying history.Maradona took revenge on England in the name of football. It was the right place at the right time.Argentina’s best player of all time, Messi seems to have overtaken ma.Because the best means model, means to praise, Messi’s skills and virtue, are unique in Argentine football, the mountains stand high.Maradona forever, of course, is also of the world.The Leo Messi of the world must be forever.