Achievements straight after “BYD”!Dong Mingzhu this “bet” right, 48 billion did not research and development for nothing

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Click attention, wonderful every day!Introduction: the achievements catch up with “BYD”!Dong Mingzhu this “bet” right, 4.8 billion did not research and development for nothing!With the rapid development of China’s economy, the development of many domestic science and technology industries has been promoted. If we want to have more say in the international science and technology market, we must adhere to independent innovation and vigorously research and develop core technologies.In terms of core technology research and development, in addition to huawei, ZTE, DJI Innovation and other technology enterprises, Gree in the field of home appliances has also been committed to mastering core technology research and development, Gree electric appliances with a slogan of “Gree master core technology” has been known throughout the country!Since Dong Mingzhu took the helm of Gree Electric Appliances, gree has been making efforts to increase investment in scientific research and development, which has indeed enabled Gree to master many core technologies;Strong personal marketing ability, coupled with ms dong soon gree reported doubling of revenue growth, but in the past few years, the day of gree is a hard time, in the field of air-conditioning, gree to face oakes, beauty, and some Japan daikin air-conditioning brand competition, in the other area of home appliance,Gree dry but the United States, Haier these home appliances brand, so Gree also appeared to grow weak situation, for the price of Gree’s revenue, Dong Mingzhu has been thinking of ways to let Gree all-round development!In 2021, Gree’s revenue declined to a certain extent, and the patent lawsuit with Oakes also caused Gree to pay 167 million yuan in compensation, while gree’s overall market value dropped 200 billion yuan.But Dong Mingzhu also did not give up, Dong Mingzhu side constantly through live to bring goods to Gree sales, while also actively layout the development of new energy field;In the field of live with goods, Dong Mingzhu not only personally next live, but also trained the “successor” Meng Yutong;And in the field of new energy, Dong Mingzhu spent 4.8 billion to acquire zhuhai Yinlong company has also achieved a good performance, even catch up with “BYD”!It is reported that zhuhai silver long company is mainly do new energy battery research and development of the company, and holds the leading domestic lithium titanate battery technology, in the domestic field of new energy battery, byd and ningde age is two big super giant, but the zhuhai silver do not underestimate the strength of the company, as early as in 2016, dong mingzhu, took a fancy to zhuhai silver long the development of the company,Yinlong wanted to acquire Yinlong, but at this time the development of new energy market is not as mature as it is now, and Yinlong’s internal problems are also leading to serious losses, so gree shareholders do not agree with the acquisition;After Dong Mingzhu but “block” the development of Silver Long company will change, and block the development of new energy field will break out;So she personally invested 2.6 billion, and brought Wang Jianlin, Liu Qiangdong and others together invested to buy 17.46% of Yinlong’s shares, becoming the largest shareholder of Yinlong!As the country gradually attached importance to the development of new energy, The development of Yinlong Company also ushered in a turning point. Gree soon spent another 1.828 billion yuan to acquire the shares of Yinlong Company. Thus, Zhuhai Yinlong Company also became a subsidiary of Gree Group and was renamed Gree Titanium Company, with a capital injection of 4.8 billion yuan.Let yinlong company in lithium titanate battery is also developing very rapidly;In the latest official manufacturing single champion list, Gree’s lithium titanate battery is listed, which directly confirms the development of Gree Titanium;Gree Titanium battery has the advantages of high safety performance, cold resistance, fast charging and long life, so it will also be applied in the field of public travel, as well as communication base stations in remote areas and other fields!Now in the field of public travel, BYD’s performance is very good, BYD’s new energy buses are even selling well in Europe and the United States, and Gree Titanium electric bus sales are now up 171% year on year, it can be said to catch up with BYD, now see this time Dong Mingzhu “bet” right;We believe that with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, Gree Will achieve better results in this field. What’s your opinion?