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Network Information Office of Party Committees of all Provinces, Autonomous regions and Municipalities directly under the Central Government, And Network Information Office of Party Committees of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:In order to create a civilized, healthy, festive and peaceful atmosphere of online public opinion for the Spring Festival, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has decided to launch a one-month special campaign of “Qinglang ·2022 Spring Festival Internet Environment Improvement” from today.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:A, the work target Focus during the Spring Festival Internet users use frequency higher platform links and service type, focus on solving the Internet perception, the masses reflect strong network ecological problems, resolutely clean up a batch of illegal information, disposal of a number of accounts and platforms, on Internet bad behavior, contain negative momentum of cultural transmission, to purify network ecosystem,For the majority of netizens, especially minors, to create a healthy, festive, peaceful Spring Festival network environment.The time of this special action is from now on to the end of February, focusing on the following five renovation tasks: 1.We will focus on combating cyber violence and the spread of rumors to protect the interests of Internet users.First, the government will focus on the use of the epidemic and social hot issues to provoke netizens into confrontation, such as human flesh search, abuse attacks and other online violence.The second is to focus on the disposal of public accounts in order to attract traffic maliciously censor Spring Festival topics, fabricate and spread rumors, splicing and stirring up old news, misleading the public cognition, misleading the elderly group and other issues.The third is to seriously investigate and punish during the Spring Festival to “grab red envelopes”, “free” and other ways to induce netizens to click on the implementation of network fraud.Fourth, we focused on investigating and punishing vulgar pop-up ads, sorting out undesirable links in comments, conducting in-depth investigation of problematic clues, and strictly dealing with a number of websites and platforms engaging in pornography and gambling transactions.2. Continue to carry out rectification, strictly prevent “rice circle” disorderly rebound repeatedly.First, we should promptly clean up the vulgar gossip and scandal information of entertainment stars hyped by the topics related to the Spring Festival, and strictly prevent illegal moral loss of stars and entertainers from using parties, live broadcasts and other diversion positions to return.The second is to strengthen the standardized management of online information presentation of entertainment stars during the Spring Festival, and strictly standardize relevant information presentation standards to prevent excessive occupation of public platform resources.Third, focus on stars, brokerage companies (studios), fan groups (support), entertainment accounts, strengthen positive communication and guidance, focus on investigating and dealing with inciting fan groups to tear and abuse each other, inducing support to beat the list and other information.3. Intensify efforts to control issues such as flaunting wealth and worshiping money and feudal superstition, and curb the spread of unhealthy online culture.First, we will strictly control the flaunting of wealth and the worship of money, the sale of misery and the scrutiny of ugliness. We will focus on eliminating information that promotes money worship and the pursuit of pleasure-seeking comparison, and crack down on activities such as fabricating tragic stories, exaggerating pessimism, and pretending to be ugly.The second is to seriously deal with the problem of hunting and spoof, investigation and cleaning up the story information involving overeating and drinking, hunting and bizarre ethics, shut down the broadcast room containing undesirable PK content.Third, we will strictly investigate and punish the propagation of feudal superstitions, screen and clean up bad information propagating superstition in the name of high-tech, and severely crack down on illegal access to personal information or fraud by means of automatic fortune-telling and online divination.4. We will strictly punish Internet celebrities and soft pornography to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors.First, it strictly controls the use of “Internet celebrity children” for profit during the Spring Festival. It is not allowed to use minors to post vulgar and bad short video messages. It is forbidden for minors to broadcast live, and it is forbidden for minors to disguise their voices and body parts.Second, we will focus on services and apps that are frequently used by minors during the Spring Festival, and vigorously crack down on prominent problems involving minors, such as “soft pornography”, cult videos, suicide, and zuan black circle.The third is to further improve the youth model, strict time limit and function limit, shall not induce minors “krypton gold” reward, prevent minors addicted to the network.5. Strengthen ecological management of key pages and create a good Atmosphere for the Spring Festival.Focus on the platform website homepage first screen, hot search list, hot topic, PUSH pop-up and important news and information content page section in key position, such as positive a positive energy information, timely cleaning pornographic, vulgar vulgar, bloody violence, horror thriller, such as illegal information, maintain good page layout of ecological, build positive network during the Spring Festival atmosphere.Three, work requirements 1. Pay close attention to the organization and implementation.Local cyberspace authorities should, in light of their local conditions, refine implementation plans for the special campaign, define goals and tasks, identify key links, align their work forces, and carry out thorough rectification to ensure that the special campaign is effective.2. Compaction platform responsibility.Urge key websites and platforms to set up special work teams, sort out risk points in advance, check problems and loopholes, strengthen the duty on duty during the Spring Festival, strengthen technical means, improve the working mechanism, strengthen content review management, and clean up illegal and undesirable information in a timely manner.3. Strengthen disposal exposure.We dealt with a number of illegal website platforms and accounts, investigated a number of typical cases, carefully summarized the results of special actions, and organized news media to publicize and expose them at the right time to form a deterrent effect.Notice on the Pre-registration of Nucleic acid Testing for all Staff (No. 60) A passenger died after being sandwicked between the screen door of a subway train.Shanghai, the latest update…The world’s first!Officially listed in Jiangsu!