Work hard on details to improve the quality of the city

2022-08-07 0 By

29th morning, Party secretary Cui Yonghui went to Siming, Hu Lake field inspection of urban environment improvement work, he stressed, to work hard in details, persistent efforts to build civilization, continue to improve the quality of the city, and strive to create a civilized, peaceful and safe festival environment.Cui Yonghui came to the first pier bus terminal into the bus over the car arrangement, he said, the car environment can reflect the level of civilization of a city, to be on the basis of passenger experience, to scroll the screen, route, even voice, civilization slogan, improve a system optimization design, better reveal the modernization and internationalization of breath in xiamen, passing the civilization and the temperature of the city.Cui Yonghui along the lujiang road walk, look at zhongshan road area, ferry pier environmental conditions, he says, zhongshan road area of modern commercial breath and fireworks gas blend, history culture and life environment in the ascension process should pay attention to keep lasting appeal, unique style landscape design be in harmony with the surrounding environment, combining, trying to make history, old blocks a new landscape architecture.When looking around the island Road, Cui Yonghui said that the beautiful scenery of the island road is a rare landscape belt in Xiamen. We should cherish the coastline resources, do a good job of sanitation and cleaning, greening and beautification regularly, and carefully create the cultural landscape, so that the beauty of nature and the beauty of humanity are organically integrated, and present the most beautiful scenery to the citizens and tourists.Huli Wanda Plaza decorated with lanterns, filled with thick flavor of the New Year.Cui Yonghui said that the relevant departments should seize the opportunity of the Spring Festival, to carry out environmental improvement and atmosphere to create a combination, strengthen the linkage with businesses, further purify the market environment, to create a comfortable consumption environment.At Hutoushan Park, Cui yonghui said the concept of sponge city should be applied to the whole process of urban landscape design, construction and management to make the city more ecological and livable.Shanhai Health Trail is clean and tidy, with verdant vegetation and blooming flowers on both sides.Cui Yonghui looked all the way, required to effectively protect every tree and grass along the trail, and appropriate replanting of beautiful and practical tree species, and strive to achieve the effect of different scenery, to give people a sense of pleasure.City leaders Wu Zidong, Lian Kunming, Zhang Zhihong to participate in the inspection.